Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (2024)

Love Island UK's eighth season has seen some strong friendships develop so far, including a bromance between Luca Bish and Jacques O'Neill that ended in tears and heartbreak when the latterwalked from the competition following his Casa Amor scandal.

Luca and Jacques are just the latest in a long line of close male friendships that have flourished in the villa before them. Over the years, fans have taken to Reddit to discuss the bromances that came first,including those that seem forced, those that are funny and those that are supportive, to deduce the best bromances in Love Island history.

Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury (Season 5)

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While Tommy and Curtis seemed to be close inside the villa, their friendship quickly fizzled on the outside following their short-lived spinoff show The Boxer& the Ballroom Dancer. Redditors theorized that their bromance was forced by producers to try and recreate a Chris and Kem type of situation.

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Redditor dontreadmynamepplsays, "I don't think their relationship was fake exactly. I just think they're two people who would never be close friends if they weren't stuck in a villa around each other 24/7." Despite this, their friendship is one of the most well-known in Love Island history.

Jon Clarke and Josh Ritchie (Season One)

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According tocryjolen, "Jon and Josh from season 1 started the bromance." It is certainly true that their friendship was the first of its kind in the rebooted series, in a season where friendships prevailed and Josh's platonic coupling with Lauren Richardson even made it to the final, to finish third behind Jon and Hannah Elizabethin second place.

Their bickering was just as iconic as the bromance itself and made the friendship feel more like a stereotypical relationship, as demonstrated by their spat during the baby challenge when Jon mishandled Josh's baby, igniting an argument that was more funny than fatal.

Finley Tapp and Callum Jones (Season 6)

Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (3)

Mvrodrig18"laughed out loud" at Finley and Callum's antics during seasons 6, particularly when it came to the challenges, but as well as bringing the comedy to the dating show, their friendship also blossomed into a supportive bromance.

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During Casa Amor, Callum opened up to his friend about his feelings for new girl Molly Smith and how they compared with those he had for Shaughna Phillips back at the villa.Callum's trust and Finley'snon-judgemental advice formed the perfect foundation for their friendship to flourish.

Jack Fincham and Dr Alex George (Season 4)

Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (4)

Alex had a hard time finding a romantic connection during his time in the villa, but his bromance with Jack is proof that sometimes the closest connections are platonic. The pair gave each other what they needed: Jack was a comforting presence for Alex, while Alex was incredibly supportive of Jack's relationship with Dani Dyer.

Their friendship was particularly wholesome because they were not afraid to be physically affectionate. As a since deleted user says, "I loved S4 Dr. Alex, and Jack, they actually kissed on the cheek and hugged everytime anything exciting happened."

Jack Fowler, Wes Nelson and Josh Denzel (Season 4)

Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (5)

As members of the "Do Bits" society, Wes, Josh and Jack provided many memorable moments during their time on the show, including an impromptu rap performance that saw fans calling for their own Love Island spinoff show.

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When season 4 was airing,yungchigzwrote,"Jack, Wes and Josh just bounce off each other so well. They seem like they'd actually be a group of friends on the outside without Love Island they're so compatible."It seems the user was right, as their bromance has continued beyond the competition.

Luke Trotman and Luke Mabbott (Season 6)

Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (6)

Most bromances named on Reddit are recognised for the comedic qualities they brought to their respective seasons. While the two Lukes friendship was also full of funny moments, users generally agree that there were more layers to their bromance that made it stronger and more authentic than some of the others listed.

FewIdiomsays, "The Luke-Luke bromance was on as soon as they walked into the villa. I don’t think anything they did was forced or pushed. They seemed close from the jump."emrunneradds, "I also think Luke/Luke had a great bromance that went beyond being just funny; they truly supported each other and wanted each other to be happy."

Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes

Love Island UK: 7 Best Bromances, According To Reddit (7)

Chris and Kem's friendship blossomed into a fully-fledged bromance during their time in the villa. It even birthed two successful spinoff showsChris & Kem: Straight Outta Love IslandandYou Vs. Chris & Kemand the single "Little Bit Leave It" which rose to number 15 in the UK charts.

Their authenticity and long-standing friendship has led the majority of Redditors to hail their bromance the best in Love Island history.SomeMaterialsays, "Chris and kem were the true bromance, they didn’t seem forced and were the first one [...] it just always feels like the show is trying to recreate how good Chris and kem were."

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