All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (2024)

With multiple seasons under its belt, Love Island UK has been a go-to reality TV staple in the United Kingdom, and it's time to rank its many installments. The series was revived after it first aired with celebrities back in 2005. Now, the new generation of islanders is making the most out of their time. They're flirting, kissing, and tanning.

Love Island UK has a simple premise, place together a few hot islanders in a stunning villa and let the sparks fly. Love Island UK season 10 is currently airing with a fresh new group having entered the villa. The summer of love is rearing up with none of the gorgeous singletons wanting to go home without the £50,000 prize pot. In March, Kai fa*gan and Sanam Harrinanan were declared winners of the winter edition, with viewers excited about who will take over the Mallorca mansion. Once each new couple has been partnered up, it will take all they have not to be distracted by the bombshells.

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9 Season 9

All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (1)

While Love Island UK usually airs during the summer, the network started filming during the winter. When this happens, the cast and crew head down to Cape Town, South Africa. The weather is still nice, but summer is officially over, and the singles can smell blood in the water. The Cape Town episodes, like season 9, are a little dull in comparison. Drama doesn't feel as fresh with fans recalling how a fight broke out because Ron Hall refused to clean the dishes. Needless to say, this season took a lot of energy to get through. The best part of this season was the introduction of the show's new host, Maya Jama.

8 Season 4

Love Island UK season 4 had some pretty entertaining moments, including Adam Collard becoming the heartbreaker of the villa. Adam was the typical hottie who knew how to use his looks to further his game. The season also included contestant Jack Fincham's ex-girlfriend showing up at the villa, which came as a surprise to almost everyone. As loyal watchers know, Jack went on to win the entire show with his partner, Dani Dyer, who was the daughter of the famous English actor Danny Dyer.

7 Season 7

All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (2)

Love Island UK season 7 started to heat up thanks to all the fighting between the contestants. The season had something for everyone, as there were surprising couplings and even rockier relationships. Chloe Burrows quickly became a fan favorite after she went through some turbulent episodes with Toby Aromolaran. After the show, the couple moved in together but split only a year later. The winners, Millie Court and Liam Reardon, even had a windy path as Liam was caught kissing a bombshell during an episode plot twist. This season kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

6 Season 6

All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (3)

Love Island UK season 6 was one of the firsts to include a winter season and the first time Laura Whitmore hosted the show series. The most exciting part of this season, without a doubt, was runner-ups Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge's Disney-inspired proposal. With the help of the rest of the boys, Luke put together an unforgettable night that made viewers at home tear up. "Operation Fairy Tale" was a success, with the duo forming the second couple in the villa and sealing their union with a kiss.

5 Season 3

Love Island UK season 3 changed the game of love forever as "Casa Amor" was first introduced at this time. The mid-season twist, which has now become a staple in every season since, showed the island contestant being separated into different villas while, at the same time, a new set of hot singles were introduced. For Love Island UK season 3, the new cast even included a bromance between Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay. One of the best success stories came out of this season with Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt marrying. The couple now has two children together.

4 Season 8

All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (4)

Two seasons ago, Love Island UK was criticized by fans for possibly having run its course. Some of the storylines had become stale, and the network wasn't sure if they would continue with the series. The UK is known not to overstay its welcome when it comes to popular TV shows and wanted to go out on a high. However, Love Island UK season 8 was a breath of fresh air thanks to Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu, who delivered comedic relief within their relationship. The couple did so well that they went on to win the show.

3 Season 1

Naturally, Love Island UK season 1 had the least amount of energy put into it since no one knew if it would be a success. Thankfully series 1 built a foundation for the show to start its tenth season this past June. Just like Jersey Shore, the show has nostalgia from the early days. The series showcased young islanders who smoked and cussed, which was a first for the network. The show was hosted by the late Caroline Flack and even boasted a fun proposal moment.

2 Season 5

Love Island UK season 5 will be remembered for its laughter, thanks to some of Love Island UK's best couples. Who would have thought that Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins would bond so well as they came in fourth overall? There was a semi-famous couple also in the house with Molly Mae and boxer Tommy Fury, brother of Tyson Fury, who came in second place.

1 Season 2

The best season so far may be Love Island UK season 2. The cast came across as genuine, and the couples really seemed to want to try and make things work. There was plenty of bickering between Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas. And this may have been the first time two contestants, Terry Walsh and Emma-Jane Woodhams, had sex on camera.

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All 9 Love Island UK Seasons Ranked From Worst To Best (2024)
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