Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (2024)


  • Olivia from Love Island UK Season 3 was known for her explosive outbursts, often leaving viewers and islanders uncomfortable.
  • Chloe from Love Island UK Season 3 was not particularly interesting and often meddled in other contestants' relationships, leading to her early departure.
  • Michael from Love Island UK Season 5 betrayed fan-favorite Amber, and his actions, including accusations of gaslighting, caused many viewers to turn against him.

Love Island UK has given viewers their fair share of likable and unlikable personalities, with every season known for having at least one villain. However, there have also been some seasons that have blessed fans with even more drama by having a whole army of thoroughly unlikable contestants. As fans await Love Island UK season 11, it's time to revisit some of the worst cast members over the years. While there are Love Island couples who stayed together, some of the most entertaining cast members are those who were terrible.

From aggressive outbursts to sneaky plans, Love Island UK has undoubtedly bought the drama required of reality TV, but the question is: who is the worst cast member of all time? Through the help of hardcore fans, there's a Reddit thread compiling the worst Love Island UK cast members. Who will be crowned the number one villain out of all seven seasons?

1 Olivia

Love Island UK Season 3

Reddit user Little-Structure-623 has compiled a comprehensive list of the worst cast members of all time, and Olivia is first on the list. Olivia is one islander that viewers have struggled to forget. She was best known for her explosive outbursts, which often saw the rest of the villa walking on eggshells to avoid "Hurricane Olivia." Her hilarious banter often contrasted her fiery manner, but sometimes her humor tested the boundaries, leaving viewers and islanders super uncomfortable.

Reddit user Roachamon explained how Olivia seemed to be "mean but able to get away with it due to her looks/humor," which was obvious when a lot of her bad behavior was dismissed with a laugh rather than an apology. Although Olivia went on to become one of the funniest Love Island cast members due to her relationship with Chris and the drama, she was a rough cast member.

2 Chloe

Love Island UK Season 3

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (1)

Season 3 was possibly one of the most dramatic seasons in Love Island history, with a cast full of significant characters that dominated the season, resulting in contestants with more minor personalities like Chloe going under the radar. Within the thread, many users, including Debbborra, shared that they "just cannot remember Chloe," however, on the rare occasions when she was seen on camera, she would be meddling in other islanders' relationships. Chloe wasn't a particularly interesting islander as a lot of her personality came from investing herself in other contestants' drama, which is probably one of the reasons why she was dumped from the Island early on.

3 Michael

Love Island UK Season 5

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (2)

Michael was initially well-liked, but this soon changed when he decided to couple up with Joanna during Casa Amor, leaving fan-favorite Amber heartbroken. Michael's betrayal was sly, and his reaction afterward was even worse, with some even accusing Michael of gaslighting Amber. This only got worse when Joanna left, and Michael crawled back to Amber, which many fans felt was his attempt to couple up with popular islander Amber to win the show. Many viewers turned their backs on Michael after his return from Casa Amor, including Reddit user thoughtat4am, who claimed Michael "was such an a** to Amber." Obviously, many fans agree, but luckily, Amber went on to win without Micheal by her side.

4 Naomi

Love Island UK Season 1

Naomi entered the villa as a bombshell in season 1 and turned the harmonious island into an island of hell for many cast members, but most notably, Jess. Viewers grew to love Jess, and following Naomi's arrival, their love for Jess continued to grow while Naomi became the season's villain. Naomi often went after the same men as Jess. However, this wasn't just a case of unfortunate events but one that often resulted in Jess in tears and Naomi with a smug smile. Naomi wasn't particularly likable due to her lack of humility, with Reddit user yellowsubmarine06 labeling her as "awful." Despite her unpopularity, she remained on season 1.

5 Kady

Love Island UK Season 2

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (3)

Kady was the villa's first hot head who walked so all the others could run. She even claimed that she was a bit like marmite, with some loving her and others hating her. Kady made waves in season 2 of Love Island with explosive arguments that stunned everyone.

Unlike season 3's Olivia, who was straight-talking, Katy often turned on the waterworks to get what she wanted, which left some viewers referring to her as childish. Reddit user Roachamon was among those who didn't stand for Kady's tantrums, labeling her as "super immature." However, since leaving the show, Katy seems to have moved away from her hot-headed ways.

6 The Alberti Twins

Love Island UK Season 1

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (4)

The Alberti twins proved unlikable from the moment they hit screens with their judgemental and picky manner, leaving fans cringing and some even furious. The pair had significant opinions on the other islanders, especially the women, with some of their comments being why they were so unlikable. However, their desire to find "Mrs. Perfect" led to the twins being booted off after only three days in the villa since neither was picked by any of the women within the villa. The twins' controversial personalities didn't just put islanders off but also fans, with Reddit user yellowsubmarine06 claiming "they were so gross," proving that attraction has much more to do with personality than looks.

7 Jordan

Love Island UK Season 5

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (5)

Jordan started his Love Island journey as being quite well-liked. However, his short-lived relationship with Anna saw his popularity falter. Following Jordan asking Anna to be his girlfriend, he then went on to pursue another islander, which led to Anna and Jordan's relationship failing. However, it was particularly Jordan who felt the aftermath of his deception.

He soon became a target for viewers, with many keeping a watchful eye on him due to his antics resulting in others questioning his loyalty and whether it lay with finding love or winning the prize money. Reddit user blahimdaisy was among the fans fighting for justice for Anna, stating that they had "never seen a guy switch up that fast from girlfriend status to being a d**k to Anna," however, he soon found karma when he was dumped from the show.

8 Lucie

Love Island UK Season 2

Lucie began with a refreshing change to the show, with her blonde surfer hair and tomboy ways. Sadly, this soon became a point of contention with many viewers. Lucie constantly reminded fans and contestants that she found it easier to get on with boys (which led to her isolating herself).

It became a repetitive point of conversation, which was often followed by her crying. Reddit user blahimdaisy was just one fan who found Lucie hard to watch due to her "constantly crying and trying to be one of the guys." This was heightened when she sought to go after Tommy, who was coupled up already. Despite this, she lasted until day 36.

9 Jonny

Love Island UK Season 3

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (6)

Jonny coupled up with Camilla, who was a fan favorite. However, as the relationship progressed, so did viewers' opinions of him. It was particularly his opinions on feminism that left fans questioning his morals. After stating that feminism was pretty much pointless, the public opinion of Jonny plummeted.

He later proceeded to make a move on new islander Tyla in front of Camilla, which infuriated fans (especially when he followed his kiss with Tyla by dumping Camilla). Jonny proved that he needed to research what equality meant and take some time to reflect on his own beliefs. However, viewers, including Reddit user littlebeesxo, quickly put him in his place by stating that Jonny was "lucky Camilla even gave him the time of day, tbh."

10 Rebecca

Love Island UK Season 6

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (7)

Rebecca proved unpopular from the moment she stepped foot in the villa, as she quickly attempted to spark a romance with Connagh but dumped him in an explosive recoupling. Rebecca said it as it was, with minimal regard for anyone's feelings. This led to many viewers disliking her from the offset, with many viewers, including Reddit user Lightbringer995, agreeing that "Rebecca was horrible."

However, her character survived a couple of weeks before being booted off. Since her departure, Rebecca seems to have gained popularity on Instagram. While one of the more disliked Love Island UK cast members, she is far from the worst.

Source: u/Little-Structure-623/Reddit

Love Island UK: 10 Worst Cast Members Of All Time, According To Reddit (2024)
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