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In recent years, Dodge has made a huge splash in the muscle car wars with their outrageously powerful Hellcat models. Packing over 700+ supercharged horsepower, Hellcats like the Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcat capture old-school muscle while offering modern levels of performance.

But what exactly makes a Hellcat a Hellcat? Let’s examine What Kind of Car is the Dodge Hellcat, the key features that define Dodge’s sinister Hellcat muscle machines.

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History of the Hellcat Models

Hellcat debuted in 2015 as the latest halo edition of Dodge’s Challenger coupe and Charger sedan. The supercharged Hellcat V8 produced an incredible 707 horsepower, transforming the big bruiser Dodge models into legitimate supercars stalking the streets.

Initially offered in standard Hellcat form, subsequent variations like the widebody Hellcat Redeye pushed power to 797 horsepower. Special edition Hellcats with customized details and appearnce packages followed.

The success of Hellcat forced rivals to respond; Ford Shelby Mustangs, Chevy Camaro ZLs and Cadillac sedans introduced more powerful performance models to try matching Hellcat’s ferocity. Dodge proudly claims king of the modern muscle cars.

Hellcat Powertrain Specs

The Hellcat’s monstrous horsepower comes courtesy of a specialized 6.2L supercharged V8 known as the Hellcrate engine:

  • 6.2L Hemi OHV Supercharged V8
  • Nearly 1400 cc supercharger pumping out 11.6 psi boost
  • 93 octane fuel and high capacity oil system
  • 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft torque (standard Hellcat)
  • 797 horsepower and 707 lb-ft torque (Hellcat Redeye)
  • 0-60 mph in 3 seconds
  • Quarter mile in 10.8 seconds
  • Top speed of 199 mph

This beast easily makes a Hellcat one of the quickest and most powerful production cars ever built. Its capabilities demand respect and restraint behind the wheel.

Hellcat Exterior Styling

While Performance appearance packages add visual aggression, stock Hellcats exhibit surprisingly subtle exterior modifications:

  • Functional air intakes and outlets to feed the engine and brakes
  • Modified hood with twin vents to extract heat
  • Lower front fascia with enlarged intake
  • Small trunk lid spoiler on sedans for stability
  • Quad exhaust tips surrounded by black trim
  • 20-inch alloy wheels in dark Satin Vapor or Brass Monkey
  • Optional Widebody fender flares on some models

The expected Hellcat badges on the fenders are actually one of the few overt styling tweaks. Stealthy supercar power defines the Hellcat aesthetic.

Interior Treatments

Inside, Hellcat cabins feature unique touches and race-inspired details:

  • Embossed Hellcat logo on seats and badging
  • Laguna premium leather seats
  • Alcantara suede upholstery accents
  • Carbon fiber and Dark Brushed aluminum trims
  • Hellcat startup screen animation
  • 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen
  • Optional heated and ventilated front seats
  • Leather-wrapped flat-bottom steering wheel

While focused on comfort and tech, these special touches remind occupants that underneath lies a Hellish beast.

Suspension and Handling

Surprisingly, Hellcats utilize suspension tuning similar to standard Challenger and Charger models. Upgrades include:

  • Stiffer anti-roll bars to reduce body lean
  • Retuned shock absorbers for flatter cornering
  • Lower ride height for improved center of gravity
  • Larger Brembo brake discs with 6-piston front calipers
  • Wider 20-inch tires on some packages
  • Electric power steering calibrated for responsiveness

This helps domesticate the Hellcat’s brutal power while retaining everyday drivability. It remains planted and controlled during street commutes or track days.

Why the Hellcat Stands Out

In an era dominated by high-tech turbocharged engines, the Hellcat stands out for its old-school concept taken to the extreme limit:

  • Huge pushrod OHV V8 with massive displacement
  • Belt-driven supercharger creating huge boost – no turbos
  • Prioritizes big power over finesse and efficiency
  • Unapologetically loud and aggressive exhaust note
  • Optimized for straight-line acceleration and speed

The Hellcat formula embraces quintessential American muscle in a thoroughly modern execution. This throwback character combined with otherworldly power has made it a hit.

Future Collectability

As emissions regulations and electrification take hold, the Hellcat’s outrageous V8 seems destined for legend status:

  • Final incarnation of a massive, high-revving V8 in a street car
  • Significant horsepower milestones threatening to be eclipsed
  • Short lifespan as emissions and mpg requirements tighten
  • Limited production numbers ensuring exclusivity
  • Striking styling that pays homage to past Dodge greats

Much as the Hemi engine defined ’60s/’70s muscle, Hellcat and its 707+ horsepower V8 will mark the peak for unapologetic modern muscle.


The Hellcat name appropriately conjures up visions of a ferocious beast. By taking its already brawny Challenger coupe and Charger sedan to extreme levels of power, Dodge created instant icons. The Hellcat formula sticks to old-school muscle while pushing the limits of V8 performance.

This carefully engineered package of outrageous power encased in a surprisingly drivable chassis created one of the quirkiest modern performance cars. As Dodge transitions toward electrification, Hellcat represents the pinnacle of its pushrod V8 achievements.

What Kind of Car is the Dodge Hellcat? A Detailed Review - Car Guide Beast (2024)
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