Welcome to Service Credit Union - Service Federal Credit Union (2024)

Our members and their goals matter to us.

We understand that people are trusting us with their money, time and dreams, and we take that very seriously. In fact, we’re here for our members because we share those dreams, as well as a mutual respect for the values that connect us: values such as family, community, service and financial integrity.

“Ready to serve” isn’t just a tagline or motto. It’s the way we run ourcredit union. No matter the situation, at the root of everything, we’re “Ready.” From our headquarters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to countries around the world, we take pride in always being prepared for our members, our staff and for our future.

We want to make your new membership as easy as possible with the resources you need to get going. Are you ready?

Online Access

With online and mobile banking, you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Skip the trip to the branch and enjoy features such as:

  • Bill Pay–Find “Bill Pay” on your online banking home screen, or in the bottom, center of your mobile app options. Click “sign up” and select the Service Credit Union checking account you would like to pay bills from. From there, you may set up one-time or reoccurring payments.
  • Apply for Loans, and Pay Your Loan Using Any Financial Institution–To apply for a loan, find the “Apply for a Loan” option in the top, center of your online banking options. If you are using your mobile app, you will find this under the “More” option. From here, you will be taken to a separate loan application page. To pay an existing loan, find “Pay Your Service CU Loan” at the top left of your online banking options, or look for “Loan Payment” under “More” in your mobile app. From there, you will be able to select or set up the account from which you would like to pay your loan, and can set up reoccurring monthly payments.*
  • Online Deposit– If you have been a member for a minimum of 30 days and are enrolled in online banking, you can make deposits through our mobile app, or with a computer and scanner.**
  • See Your FICO® Credit Score– Click on “My FICO® Score” on the top right of your online banking options, or look under “More” in the mobile app.
  • Transfer Funds– In online banking, select “Transfer Funds” from the center of your menu options. In your mobile app, select “Transfers,” located at bottom left of your screen. From there, select whether you will be making an internal or external transfer and the amount to transfer.***

Ready to get started?

Click here to register for Online Banking. You’ll just need your member ID and PIN number (last four digits of your SSN). To download our mobile app, visit theApp StoreorGoogle Play.

Go Paperless

Want to ditch the paper, and see your transactions online? Sign up for eCommunications within Online Banking. Still need to register for Online Banking? Pleaseclick here. Once you’ve logged in to Online Banking, navigate to Statements and Documents and accept the eCommunications disclosure.


Helping youmanage your money is our top priority. With a variety of checking accounts, higher-dividend share certificates and a tiered approach to money market accounts, Service Credit Union makes it easy to manage and grow your money. Check out ourcurrent rates here.


We are proud to offer low rates, fast approval and an easy application process for all our lending products. Learn more about ourcredit card,personalandautoloan options.

From your first home to a jumbo loan, we have you covered. Learn more about ourmortgageandhome equityproducts.


We have plans to help you sock money away for those long-term goals that won’t stress you out along the way.Click hereto see how the MEMBERS Financial Services Program can help you plan for life’s biggest events.


Learn moreabout our discounted insurance options with partners such as Travelers and TruStage®.

Don’t Miss Out on Current Promotions

Don’t miss out on the latest offers and specials from Service Credit Union. Check out all of ourcurrent promotions here.

*Account used to make a loan payment must be held in your name.

**Must meet qualifications for use of this service. Account must be open for at least 30 days from first deposit and must be in good standing. Daily/monthly limitations apply. $200 of total checks deposited each business day will be made available with the remainder on hold for a minimum of 2 business days. Online deposit must be reviewed and accepted for deposit prior to being posted to an account. Third party checks are not accepted.

***When sending funds to another financial institution, your name must be listed as an owner on both the sending and receiving accounts. A fee of $9 will be assessed if you select the premium transfer option for external transfers. Additional conditions apply. Please see the External Transfers Terms and Conditions for more information.

Welcome to Service Credit Union - Service Federal Credit Union (2024)
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