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MUNCIE STAR, FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1957 Gaston Grocer to Speak at Purdue Gaston, will speak on "Profit as Incentive" at the Food Retailer Clinic Purdue University March 18-19. H. Cleo Collins, manager of Collins IGA will appear with four other grocers to explain "How to Get Results From Our Employees." Grocers from throughout the state are invited to attend. Registration should be made with E. C.

Oesterle, department of agricultural economics, Purdue University, Lafayette. The hammerhead, an African bird, builds a nest that requires six months to construct. Parker PARKER, Ind. Miss Cynthia Johnson and Mrs. E.

K. Curtis were Tuesday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hamilton. They also called on Mrs.

Doc Gleason. The Parker Past Matrons Club will entertain the Randolph County Past Matron Club Tuesday at the Masonic Hall at 7:30 p.m. The Dorcas Sunday School Class will meet at the home of Mrs. Isca Dragoo Wednesday evening. Mrs.

Inza Gable will assist. WOMAN BECOMES ILL Mary Bell Ash, 29, of E. Butler early Thursday was taken to Ball Hospital in a police squad car after she became ill. 215 SOUTH WALNUT paul sachs original Only $39.95 Other new arrivals in our Paul Sachs Collection $25 to $49.95 Elegance Sets the Scene The silken look of this Costume Suit is accentuated by the pure silk polka dot used for the top of its one piece dress. Sizes 10-20.

HERE'S BIG NEWS YOUR NEW KROGER OPENS THURSDAY March 14th at 9 A.M. in the Northwest Plaza Shopping Center Kroger Jesus Loved Them by Patrick and Garrison JOHN The Apostle "When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, 1 whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!" -John Whatever distinctions or commendable attributes the other apostles may have had, it was John whom Jesus loved with the intimate, understanding affection of brother, companion, and trustworthy friend. At the Last Supper, John was seated not only next to Jesus, but leaned his head upon the Master's breast. And in the agonized hour of His death, looking down upon the little group of faithful who had followed Him even to the Cross, Jesus commits His mother to the care of John. Again, it was the beloved disciple who first recognized the resurrected Jesus on the Sea of Galilee, when He appeared in the morning twilight on the dim shore.

John was a son of Zebedee, an apparently well-to-do fisherman of Bethsaida. Jesus nicknamed him and James, his brother, Boanerges, meaning "Sons of Thunder." Such a designation should serve to dispel the impression that might be given of John by early Christian art, which often depicts him as of a passive, meek, almost epicene nature. In the face of extreme persecution by a group headed by Saul of Tarsus, John resolutely stood his ground. The Scripture tells of his presence in Jerusalem 15 years after Saul's (later Paul) first visit to that city. John's later history is not recounted in the New' Testament.

But according to tradition, he left Jerusalem and went to Ephesus. It is said that during the reign of Domitian, he was arrested and taken to Rome, and later sent into exile on the It was while there, A was given the visions wrote down in his Book It is conjectured that the dates of his death A.D. 89 to A.D. 120. EVIDENCE PRESENTED Evidence was heard Thursday in Superior Court in the complaint on 1 contract action brought by Commercial Credit against William Bradshaw.

Judge Paul A. Lennington took the case under Isle of Patmos. apocryphal accounts say, that he of the last days, part of which he of the Revelation. he lived to an extreme old age, having been set variously from Copr. 1957, Mirror Enterprises Co.

DEFAULT JUDGMENT A default judgment for $208.45 was approved Thursday in Superior Court by Judge Paul A. Lennington for the plaintiff, Omer Wilborn, who brought a damage advisem*nt. accident against Pickney Adams. YOUR HOME! UP DRESS PAINT Wallpaper MATCHSTICK DRAW DRAPES NATURAL COLOR 42x54 $1.98 Dr. 72x84 $4.98 pr.

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Main St. Phone AT 8-8631 Interpreting the News Howard Fast Now Admits Disillusionment With Reds By J. M. ROBERTS Associated Press News Analyst It's always pitiful to see a young intellectual ride off at morn on a white charger in search of Communist Utopia and come trudging back in the afternoon on lacerated feet. It's not exactly night yet for Howard Fast, who is only 42.

But how the experience of disillusionment with communism affect his work, and how it be rewill ceived by a public to which he Eaton EATON, -The Eaton P.TA will meet at the school assembly at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The discussion groups will be continued. The athletic honor banquet will be held in the school gym Friday, starting at 6:30 p.m. with a carryin supper.

Awards will be made to the athletes and there will be a speaker. The Eaton High School Athletic Association will furnish rolls, coffee, cream, milk, butter, and ice cream. Each family is to bring a well-filled basket and the public is invited. The Psi Iota Xi Sorority will entertain the Senior Girls at the Rustic Cabins Saturday, March 16, at 1 p.m. Reservations may be turned into the committee: Mrs.

William Leaird, d. Mrs. Miles Pierce, and Mrs. Rex Morgan. The Delta Theta Tau Sorority met with Mrs.

James Harshman Tuesday evening. The intersorority dance was discussed and tickets passed out. The next meeting will be March 19 at the cabin with Mrs. Richard Pursiful and Mrs. Gene Moore as hostesses.

The World Day of Prayer will be held at the Eaton Methodist Church at 1:30 p.m. Friday. All churches are welcome to participate in the program. (has confessed a grave logical error, remains to be seen. Fast is one of America's most prolific writers.

He started out to be an artist. Soon he switched to writing, and had his first story published when he was 18. In the next 22 years he published more than a dozen books and a host of other works, novels, tracts, short stories and what not. 1950 was a confirmed Communist, hand had fallen for the Moscow "peace offensive" of those times. He took a beating as American Labor party, candidate for Congress from New York City district in 1952, after a jail term for contempt of Congress.

Fast's work has appeared in such publications as the Saturday Evening Post and the Ladies Home Journal, but his valedictory criticism of the Soviet regime appears in a small, almost unknown publication, Mainstream. Fast now sees the Soviet system as "socialism without morality," repressive of intellectual expression. Many years before Khrushchev American conservatives were sometimes called fascists for saying those same things. Many credited Stalin with conducting a SOcial experiment rather than an imperialist dictatorship. And those were the days when Fast and so many others like him were being trapped.

They wanted things to be better and, having no experience of their own on which to base judgments, grasped for a will-o-the-wisp. This happened frequently NORMAL CITY CHURCH OF GOD Riverside at Tillotson ANNOUNCES NEW 5:30 P.M. EVENING SERVICE REV. H. R.

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Limit two to a customer. PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY HEADQUARTERS FOR PAINT, BRUSHES, GLASS, MIRRORS AND FURNITURE TOPS Ph. AT 4-3341 110 W. Washington ALL AND among artists, actors, poets and Russia as a means to the Commuother writers people who were nist end. struggling personally for self-ex- It never made sense, but it's pression, yet who were willing to taken some of them a long time to see the death of self-expression in learn.

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