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The Diluvian Mechanism (1)

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The Diluvian Mechanism (2) THE DILUVIAN MECHANISM The Diluvian Mechanism (3)

An inscrutable mechanism looms in the centre of the hall. Many hearts have been consumed to spur its accursed gears into motion.


  • 1 Description
    • 1.1 Mechanics
    • 1.2 Trial of the Meek
    • 1.3 Shrine of Solitude
  • 2 Monsters
  • 3 Waves
    • 4.1 Thin Air
    • 4.2 Hollow
    • 4.3 Timebomb
    • 4.4 Corpse Explosion
    • 4.5 Ghostly Reminiscence
  • 5 Recommendations and Advice
  • 6 Loot
  • 7 Waves
  • 8 Tips/Trivia


You enter within the Diluvian Mechanism by conversing with the Diluvian Mechanism within Marauder's Entrance. Within the mechanism, you face trials of insufferable amounts of difficult entities. All humanoid enemies you seem to know have been mystically created from the mechanism itself, in the form of their tideknight variants. You'll be facing Angels, Divers, Songseekers and Attunement trainers in their utmost maximum, possessing powers you never have seen. Non-humanoid monsters within this dungeon retain their random chance to be attuned.


Ending at 50 waves, every wave you face will grant you EXP. At the end of every 5 waves, you'll be granted rewards, bell EXP, a replenished health, blood, hunger, and thirst bar, can also get knowledge every 5 waves starting from 25-30 you get 1 knowledge, 35-45 you get 2 knowledge and on wave 50 you'll get 10 knowledge, every 5 waves you get a break until you pull the gear shift. To start and end a round, and leave midway, you would have to speak with the Diluvian Mechanism.

Taking too long in a wave will automatically add the Timebomb modifier to the current wave. It is currently unknown how exactly this functions, but it appears that the more players you have, the faster timebombs will begin to appear.

Trial of the Meek[]

When attempting the option to start the Diluvian Mechanism below Power 3, you have an option to choose the Trial of the Meek instead of the regular trial. This trial provides no difference in gameplay or loot, with the only main difference being that it removes the limit cap of 5 people as long as anybody trying to enter the trial with you is also below Power 3.

Shrine of Solitude[]

A Shrine of Solitude, identical to the one found in the Trial of One lies against the wall. This can be used between waves to roll for preferred talents and mantras regardless of origin.


Deep Widow

Mudskipper Knight

Deep Owl

Stone Knight (All variants)

Thresher (All variants)

Megalodaunt (All variants)


Rock Golem (All variants)


Terrapod (All variants)

The Enforcer (All variants)

Lionfish (All variants)


Gigamed (All variants)

Bone Keeper


Rogue Construct


Angels (All variants)

Ministry Necromancer

Ministry Enforcer


Bandit (Health Pack on Wave 49)

Kyrsgarde (All variants)


Modifiers & Environmental Hazards[]

Within the Diluvian Mechanism, certain waves have a certain modifier or environmental hazard that adds an additional layer of difficulty. Modifiers show a certain text under the wave number, related to a specific debuff that affects all players, such as making it impossible to cast mantras, or gain health packs. Environmental Hazards are risks and nuisances that naturally spawn around the map, mostly in every wave. The known modifiers and environmental hazards are;

Thin Air[]

Brings up the dialogue, "The air feels thin..." Causing all players to suffocate during the round losing their ability to cast mantras. This'll cause some issues to support, and for Mage PVE builds who heavily rely on mantras.


Brings up the dialogue, "Hollow... empty..." Makes the death of mobs not give health packs, which can bring players in great peril if they're attacked from many mobs at the same time.


White orbs will be placed around the dungeon, and if not destroyed it'll explode. The bombs will start off dealing one bar, but progressively can deal two bars if exploded. This'll provide a risk to the player who are handling the mobs, as they also have to deal with the bombs.

Corpse Explosion[]

If during the waves, the text "Tick tick tick,,," appears, the deaths of mobs will generate bombs.

Ghostly Reminiscence[]

If during the waves, the text "Your past comes to haunt you..." appears, then...?

Recommendations and Advice[]

The Diluvian Mechanism is a place to be wary of if you're not properly prepared, or with the right people. It isn't a place to make mistakes, and is a place that gives worthy EXP and Rewards if properly defeated. Therefore all players should be equipped with the right talents and equipment to make haste of this trial.

  • Thresher Scales; Regaining armor is quite an impossibility without this talent, unless you're Ironsing, have Bloodiron Spirit, or possess any Armor Repair Kits on you. Despite having any of those, it's quite necessary to have Thresher Scales, as it doesn't take a talent hand, and can be of use for the entirety of the waves with the assistance of a Graceful Flame.
  • Warriors Respite; Healing isn't always a guarantee in the Diluvian Mechanism, especially if you're doing it solo or in a Hollowed Wave. Therefore it's important to have a way of regaining your health during the later stages. Warriors Respite is essential and can be combined with going up high and healing while attacking the mobs.
  • Graceful Flame; Regaining armor is a difficulty, especially natural armor. Combining Thresher Scales with Graceful Flame you can both heal you and your allies armors and health. This is primary helpful in later waves such as 39, where you ironically can't gain health packs against health packs themselves.
  • Force Your Way; In the Diluvian Mechanism, opponents such as Rogue Constructs, Megalodaunts, Stone Knights, and Crustaceous Rex will appear with their Unparriable attacks. However with Force Your Way you can move on past that, and parry all the damage-taking moves that could possibly ruin your wave.
  • Tidekeeper; Within the Diluvian Mechanism, a low health bar means a risky life. Worst part is a health bar that is almost 1%. But with the Tidekeeper, you wouldn't need to worry about being knocked for 10 seconds straight, and even gain a 15% damage and 10% defense buff. This will allow you to rush through the mobs without worry.
  • Ardour, Ardour Scream; It's essential to deal the most damage to the mobs you can. Ardour will assist with posture breaks, and M1 based builds that are stronger on Heavy Air waves. Ardour Scream will also assist all team mates making the mobs weaker and easily posture-broken.
  • Evanspear Hand Axe; Evanspear Hand Axe is one of the best PVE weapons in the game with it dealing 25 base damage + 7.8 bleed, even with 15 penetration. This can easily assist the teams, and even being a solo player in defeating mass amounts of mobs.
  • Vampirism; This is easily one of the best enchants for the Diluvian Mechanism, as hitting multiple monsters will heal immense amounts of health at once, which will improve your survivability within the Mechanism way higher.
  • Enforcer's Axe/Hammer; Like Evanspear Hand Axe, Enforcer's Axe/Hammer is also one of the best weapons for the Diluvian Mechanism, as the critical does multiple hits and does a lot of damage, the Hammer also does blunt damage, which kills the Sand/Blizzard Knights faster.


  • All of the Layer 1 loot pool, including deep gems, Curved Blade of Winds, Crypt Blade and all Relics at all levels.
  • Depths Chests (5 & 10)
  • Brown Chests (15-50)
  • Stormseye (15+)
  • Authority Commander (30+)
  • Ignition Deepdelver (30+)
  • Relic Chests (Wave 30 & 50)
  • Guaranteed 2 Star loot (40+)
  • Celtorian Tideknight (50)


Based on the power of the user(s), the starting wave will differ;

  • Power 1-11; Wave 1
  • Power 12-16; Wave 6
  • Power 17+; Wave 11
1 (Deepbound "Trial of One")2 Crabs, 3 Gigameds
2 (Deepbound "Trial of One")1 Thresher
3 (Deepbound "Trial of One")1 Rock Golem
4 (Deepbound "Trial of One")1 Corrupt Lionfish
5 (Deepbound "Trial of One")1 Corrupt Megalodaunt
6 (Holy Knights)2 Greater Angel, 4 Corrupt Mudskipper Knights
7 (A squadron of Knights)6 Corrupt Mudskipper Knights
8 (Songseeker Fighters)2 Greater Angels, 4 Corrupt Mudskipper Knights
9 (Cave Paladins)2 Deep Angels
10 (Angel Haven)


2 Lesser Angels, 1 Deep Angel, 4 Greater Angels
11 (Depths Fishing)2 Corrupt Lionfish, 2 Corrupt Terrapods
12 (King Joffrey's pets)1 Corrupt King Gigamed, 1 Corrupt King Thresher
13 (Owl's Friends)2 Stone Knights, 1 Corrupt Owl
14 (Featherly Brotherhood)


2 Corrupt Owls
15 (Great Corrupted)1 Corrupt Crimson Megalodaunt, 2 Corrupt Crimson Terrapods, 2 Corrupt Nightmare Threshers
16 (Golem Frenzy)1 Stone Knight, 1 Golem Prime, 1 Rock Golem, 1 Corrupt Enforcer
17 (Happy Family)1 Corrupt Nightmare Thresher, 2 Threshers, 1 Mother Threshers
18 (Under the Sea)1 Mother Thresher, 1 Thresher, 1 Crab, 1 Crustaceous Rex, 1 King Gigamed, 1 Gigamed
19 (Erisia-Party)2 Corrupt Terrapods, 1 Corrupt Owl, 1 Corrupt Golem, 1 Corrupt Megalodaunt, 1 Mudskipper BruteBoth Terrapods have a higher chance to be the red version
20 (Smough, Smough and Smough)


3 Enforcers (Attuned with a random Attunement)
21 (Trial of One Gang)1 Stone Knight, 1 Megalodaunt, 1 Alpha Megalodaunt, 1 Enforcer, 1 Golem, 1 Thresher
22 (The Sea's Nightmare)2 Nautilodaunts, 2 Attuned(?) Enforcers
23 (Starswept Valley Reunion)1 King Thresher, 1 Deep Widow, 1 Owl, 1 Stone Knight, 2 Threshers, 1 Alpha Megalodaunt1 Of the 2 threshers may be corrupt (needs further testing)
24 (Shiver)1 Corrupt Megalodaunt, 1 Crimson Megalodaunt, 1 Corrupt Alpha Megalodaunt, and 1 Mechalodaunt
25 (Bounder Hell)


2 Corrupt Bounders
26 (The Kick Duo)2 Corrupt Stone Knights, 4 Corrupt Alpha Megalodaunts
27 (Scyphozia's Starterpack)1 Corrupt Megalodaunt, 1 Corrupt Alpha Megalodaunt, 1 Corrupt King Gigamed, 1 Corrupt Terrapod, 1 Corrupt Crustaceous Rex, 1 Corrupt Lionfish, 2 Corrupt Threshers, 1 Broodlord Brute.
28 (Hands of Soap)1 Corrupt Prime Golem, 1 Fury Nautilodaunt, 1 Corrupt Kyrsgarde Brute, 1 Enforcer, 1 Attuned(?) Nautilodaunt.
29 (Seafood Featheries)1 Crimson Megalodaunt, 1 Glacial Lionfish, 1 Owl, 1 Nautilodaunt. 1 Fury Nautilodaunt.
30 (Parasyte)6 Corrupt Attuned Carbuncles
31 (Infinite Stun)3 Corrupt Thunderstruck Prime Golems, 1 Fury Nautilodaunt, and 1 Corrupt King Gigamed.
32 (Glacial Ball)1 Blizzard Knight, 2 Corrupt Frostmantle Glacial Lionfishes, 1 Corrupt Frostmantle Bonekeeper, 2 Frostmantle Corrupt Crabs, 1 Frostmantle Nautilodaunt
33 (Korilfiend's Beckoning)1 King Thresher, 2 Corrupt Flamewreathed Nightmare Threshers, 1 Corrupt Flamewreathed Crimson Megalodaunt, 1 Corrupt Blazing Mechalodaunt, 1 Flamewreathed Corrupt Rogue Construct, 1 Flamewreathed Mechalodaunt
34 (Gale Fiesta)


3 Galeforce Enforcer, 1 Corrupt Galeforce Kyrsgarde-Sniper.
35 (Shadow Rave)1 Corrupt Shadowmeld Prime Golem, 1 Shadowmeld King Thresher, 1 Corrupt Shadowmeld Owl, 3 Shadowmeld Enforcers
36 (A Corrupted Nightmare)2 Corrupt Nightmare Threshers, 2 Corrupt Threshers, 3 Corrupt Carbuncles, 1 Corrupt Crustaceous Rex, 2 Corrupt Crimson Terrapods, 1 Corrupt King Thresher
37 (Invisibility Abusers)3 Corrupt Owls, 1 King Thresher, 1 Corrupt Attuned(?) Alpha Megalodaunt, 3 Kyrsgarde Crawlers
38 (Burning Alaska)1 Corrupt Frostmantle Lionfish, 1 Corrupt Frostmantle Deep Owl, 3 Corrupt Frostmantle Kyrsgarde Snipers, 1 Corrupt Flamewreathed Crimson Megalodaunt, 1 Corrupt Frostmantle Glacial Lionfish
39 (Health Pack Hell Featuring Bruce Lee)


5 Gigameds, 5 Corrupt Thunderstruck Brainsuckers, 4 Corrupt Crabs, 5 Corrupt Greater Angels, 1 NautilodauntIts best to stall with one mob, such as a Gigamed, where you run around with it following you, while your teammates heal either using respite or graceful. This round can easily be one of the hardest because of the stun of multiple mobs hitting you.
40 (Heavy Giants)1 Corrupt Attuned(?) Deep Widow, 1 Corrupt Attuned(?) Blizzard Knight, 1 Attuned(?) Enforcer, 1 Corrupt Attuned(?) Bonekeeper
41 (Celtor's Reminiscence)14 Corrupt Tideknight Songseekers, 2 Corrupt Shadowmeld Deep OwlsDo NOT underestimate the Tideknights, they can easily gang up on you and do heavy damage with their mantras, plus adding on with their corrupted, and attuned nature, it'll be harder to attack them. Try your best to guard break them, and hit them with multi hits. The Tideknights can be attuned despite not being monsters.
42 (Shadow Wizard Money Gang)


5 Corrupt Shadowmeld Greater Ministry Enforcers, 3 Corrupt Shadowmeld Ministry Necromancers, 4 Corrupt Shadowmeld Ministy Scouts/Captains/Lesser Enforcers (they all look the same)With the lack of mantras, this round will be one of the most tedious. It's best advised to constantly attack the necromancer's mudskippers without killing the necromancers until the rest of the enforcers and scouts are dead.
43 (Kyrs Domain)2 Corrupt Shadowmeld Kyrsgarde Brutes, 1 Corrupt Tideknight Flamewreathed Flamecharm Starkindred Angel, 2 Corrupt Tideknight Flamewreathed Galebreath Starkindred AngelsThe Starkindred Angels can use the Starkindred mantras, so its best advised to avoid the Flame Blade Starkindred combo and the annoying ascensions and sinister halo.
44 (Starkindred's Return)


1 Corrupt Tideknight Iblis The Fallen Angel, 6 Corrupt Attuned Deep AngelsIblis is basically a Flame Blade Starkindred spammer, and all you should honestly do is press Q and spam m1 him until he is dead.
45 (Masters on all Hands)6 Corrupt Attuned Tideknight Attunement Trainer. (1 For each attunement trainer)This is a wave you shouldn't underestimate. The trainers being corrupt and attuned makes their monster mantras far more powerful, and they possess the legendary weapons corresponding to their attunement. They also possess a vast artillery of mantras that can easily combo if not handled correctly.
  • Frostdraw - Gran Sudusruka and Dread Breath
  • Flamecharm - Hero's blade of flame
  • Galebreath - Curved Blade of Winds
  • Thundercall - Stormseye
  • Shadowcast - Crypt Blade
  • Ironsing - Alloyed Darksteel Greatsword and Mecha Gatling
46 (Electroshocking Hell)8 Thunderstruck Corrupt Attuned Carbuncles, 4 Corrupt Tideknight Black DiversThe Black Divers wield enchants, and are an incredible nuisance. What is worse is that they can use dawnwalker mantras, such as Radiant Kick, Blinding Dawn, and Radiant Dawn. Best advised to let them not have any room to attack.
47 (Infection Spree)


5 Shadowmeld Corrupt Nightmare Threshers, 5 Corrupt Enchant-wielding Diver Husks
48 (Preparation before the End)2 Corrupt Bounders, 1 Corrupt Attuned(?) Deep Widow, 2 Corrupt Golem Primes
49 (Divine Humor)1 Lowly BanditPray.
50 (End of the Hell)


2 Corrupt Attuned Bonekeepers, 2 Corrupt Attuned Kyrsgarde brutes, 2 Corrupt Attuned Bounders, 2 Corrupt Attuned Kyrsgarde Snipers, 2 Fury Nautilodaunts, 1 Broodlord Brute. (Referenced from zuukle's video, cross referenced from fiotrix's video)


  • Most mobs spawned during the Diluvian Mechanism can be corrupted
  • The Mute Regalia does technically function in the Diluvian Mechanism; however it affects only summoned enemies, i.e. Gigameds spawned by King Gigamed.
  • The word "Diluvian" comes from the Latin word "Diluere" which means "to wash away/pertaining to or caused by a flood or deluge". This could be a reference to how the Diluvian mechanism is used to sort of "flood" the player(s) with monsters to do battle against, or speculation could suggest that the word is used to reference the Flooding, providing some important lore about the Depths and possibly explaining how the sinking of Celtor came to be as an event.
  • As the mechanism is in The Depths, dying in the Diluvian Mechanism will cause you to wipe. However, you can stop the mechanism during a round by going to the mechanism, speaking to it and pulling the brake lever, which kills all the mobs in the arena.
  • Murmur Tacet used to work in the Diluvian Mechanism, but it was quickly made unusable after someone completed it solo using it.
  • The Diluvian Mechanism is the most time-efficient way to get legendary weapons and enchants such as Curved Blade of Winds and Crypt Blade due to the volume of chests and how quickly they spawn. Hell Mode is an option and counts towards Echoes, but is less efficient in general.
  • The bandit at wave 49 serves as a health pack for players who are low.
  • As Deepbound, you can choose to start at the Diluvian Mechanism.
  • In the game files, the Diluvian Mechanism dungeon is called "Bathysphere," referring to an undersea exploration module created in the year 1929, also known as the predecessor of the submarine, which goes by the same name.
The Diluvian Mechanism (2024)
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