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Most sports-inclined Bostonians who tune in for the “Felger and Mazz” show on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub are familiar with the name Michael Felger, who co-hosts the radio show with Tony Massarotti. However, this post is not about Michael Felger or Tony. Instead, it focuses on Sara Underwood, the wife of the radio host, who herself is a well-known figure in Boston for her role as the anchor of Boston 25 Morning News.

Esteemed news reporter Sara Underwood co-hosted the Boston 25 Morning News for over ten years until her retirement on August 19, 2021. Nevertheless, in 2023, she reappeared briefly in February to fill in for March 2023.

Sara Underwood Biography

Sara Underwood was born on September 8, 1969, to her parents, who are currently unidentified.

She frequently shares photos on Instagram featuring her beautiful parents who live in San Diego.

Sara is 54years old and was raised in Palo Alto, California, with her siblings. One of her siblings is named Rebecca. According to Nantucket Magazine, published on April 25, 2017, Sara is related to Tristram Coffin, one of the earliest settlers of Nantucket, through her mother’s side of the family.

She attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Much of what is known about Sara Underwood stems from her on-screen career.

Sara Underwood Career

While the date Sara started her career is unknown, her first job was at KIEM-TV in Eureka, California, a new anchor role dating back to 1996. She worked out of a trailer in the middle of a pasture during this time.

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In 1997, she moved to WDTN-TV, a Channel 2 station in Dayton, Ohio, affiliated with NBC. She was a reporter there before being promoted to the morning show anchor. During her time at WDTN, she was honored with an Emmy Award. She left WDTN in July 1999 to pursue opportunities at larger platforms.

Later in 1999, Sara received an offer from WTTG, a Fox-affiliated station in Washington, D.C., after her agent sent a compilation of her work to various stations in search of her next career opportunity. At WTTG, she served as the weekend anchor and a general assignment reporter during the week. Her responsibilities included reporting, serving as a fill-in anchor, and occasionally acting as a backup helicopter reporter. It was during this period that she met her future husband.

Subsequently, she became a 6 PM newscast anchor at Boston-based WBZ-TV (Channel 4) and its sister station WSBK, where she worked for eight years.

In 2008, after leaving CBS-owned WBZ-TV, Sara joined WFXT Fox 25, now known as Boston25.

Her popularity grew when she became the co-host of the Boston25 Morning Show on WFXT (Channel 25). Her dedication and passion for her work often saw her waking up as early as 2 AM to prepare for the show.

As highlighted by Barstool Sports in 2010, she was one of the high-profile female news anchors in Boston, along with Maria Stephanos and Bianca de la Garza.

Sara took a hiatus from the show in 2011 to spend time with her family, as she was pregnant with her second child, Tess. On August 22, 2017, she won the Toucher & Rich’s Celebrity 98 Mile contest, resulting in a $10,000 donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in her name by the contest’s sponsors.

After contributing more than 25 years to the media industry, Sara retired from her news anchor position on August 19, 2021. However, she briefly returned to the news desk at Boston25 in March 2023 for a one-month stint.

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Where is Sara Underwood now?

Sara is enjoying her retirement, spending more time with her family and her two golden retrievers. She is now more present in her daughter’s life, an opportunity she missed out on when she was active in the media industry.

However, she is also filling in on Boston 25 occasionally.

Sara Underwood Marriage

Sara met her husband, Michael Felger, on a television set in 2000, and since then, they maintained a close relationship, which led to their marriage on October 19, 2002.

Their union is strengthened further by the similarity of their career. Sara was a news anchor on TV, while Michael was based on the radio broadcast.

Their marriage has been admirable, with no scandal from both parties. However, in December 2010, Michael, known for being jovial on-air, came under fire for asking his listeners to vote for his wife, who Barstool Sports listed under the “hot Boston reporter edition.” In his words,

“I need help because I don’t need the Wood killed,” Felger told listeners. “I’m asking you to marry her or (expletive) her.”

Maureen Gallagher, who works at a non-profit organization in Boston named Jane Doe Inc, responded critically to Felger’s comment, suggesting that he disrespected his wife. Sara, however, did not publicly comment on the issue. As a married couple, Sara and Felger would handle any differences privately.

Sara Underwood Children

Sara and Michael Felger have two children together. Their first child, Emma, was born in 2004 and is currently in college. Their second child, Tess, was born in 2011 when Sara took a hiatus from Fox 25.

The family resides in Boston and enjoys their summers at their home on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.

Sara Underwood Husband

Sara’s husband, Michael Felger, born on August 6, 1969, is a renowned radio host known for his blunt sports analysis on the “Felger and Mazz” show.

Despite entertaining, he has faced criticism for some of his comments on sensitive topics. For instance, in 2011, he was in a public feud with reporter Heidi Watney following his remarks about Watney and Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek. In 2017, he stirred up another controversy when he made derogatory comments about the late MLB player Roy Halladay. This incident led to a three-day suspension from NBC Sports Boston and prompted Felger to issue a public apology.

Sara Underwood Salary and Net Worth

During her active years in the media industry, Sara’s salary would range from $50,000 to $100,000 annually when adjusted to current standards. She earned a substantial income from her career and is now enjoying her retirement.

Regarding her net worth, she has not publicly disclosed this information.

Sara Underwood (Journalist) Michael Felger's Wife Bio, Career, Family - Thrill NG (2024)
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