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    • 0.1 Sara Underwood is an American model, actress, and television host. Sara Underwood rose to fame after becoming the Playmate of the Month in the July 2006 issue of the American lifestyle magazine ‘Playboy Magazine’.
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Sara Underwood is an American model, actress, and television host. Sara Underwood rose to fame after becoming the Playmate of the Month in the July 2006 issue of the American lifestyle magazine ‘Playboy Magazine’.

Early Childhood

Sara Underwood was born on March 26, 1984, and her age is currently 38 years old. Her full birth name is Sara Jean Underwood and her zodiac sign is Aries. Likewise, she was born in Portland, Oregon, United States of America, and holds American citizenship.

Similarly, she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity. Regarding her family background, she has not disclosed any information about her personal life. She is the daughter of Kathy Underwood.

Likewise, there is no information about her father and siblings. Similarly, very little is given about her childhood.

Furthermore, regarding her educational background, she went to Scappoose High School in Scappoose, Oregon in the year 2002. Similarly, she used to play volleyball during high school.

Likewise, she went to Oregon State University and completed her major in Business Marketing. Similarly, she also went to Portland State University. Moreover, she has a schoolmate of Derek Matthew Anderson who is a former American football quarterback.

Sara Underwood – Body Measurements

The gorgeous 36 years old actress stands 5 feet 3 inches (63 inches) tall and weighs around 47 kg (103 lbs). Likewise, her body measurement as vital stats is 35-24-34 inches.

Similarly, her cup size is 32C and her shoe and dress size are 7 (US) and 2 (US). Looking at her physical appearance, Sara has a slim body type and fair skin. Likewise, she has blonde hair color and light brown eyes color.

Career and Achievements

During her college days, Sara started her career as a sales assistant at a heavy construction equipment company. Likewise, she worked at the Hooters chain of restaurants in Beaverton, Oregon branch.

Moreover, after completing her under graduation, she started her career in modeling. Likewise, she appeared in the American lifestyle and entertainment magazine ‘Playboy’ in their Girls of the Pac-10 pictorial in its October 2005 issue.

In this magazine, she was featured on its cover holding a football. Her full body was painted in the Oregon State Beavers football jersey and matching bikini briefs.

Likewise, in July 2006, she became the ‘Playmate of the Month’ and ‘Playmate of the Year’ in June 2007. Moreover, Playboy magazine ranked her as the ’25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities’ in March 2008.

Similarly, in the same year, she appeared on the reality series ‘The Girls Next Door’ as the blonde model. Likewise, this series gave her considerable fame and she soon received a big screen offer for the movie ‘Epic Movie’.

Additionally, she played in several movies including ‘House Bunny’, ‘Two Million Stupid Women’, ‘Miss March, and ‘The Telling’.

Followed by this, in the year 2009, she became the presenter of the show ‘Attack of the Show’. Likewise, two years later, she became the substitute host of ‘The Feed’.

After working on several movies and shows, she made a breakthrough in her career after casting a major role in the thriller movie ‘Deadly Weekend’.

Similarly, she became the guest star on MTV’s reality show ‘Ridiculous’ season 2. Likewise, she cleared the first stage in the 8th Kunoichi Competition in Japan which is the Women of Ninja Warrior.

Sara Underwood – Net Worth 2023

Regarding her net worth, Sara Underwood is a model, actress, and television presenter. Likewise, her primary source of income is her career as a media personality.

Similarly, she has a net worth of around $2 million as of 2022. However, there is no information about her asset values available in the media.

Social Media

Reflecting upon her social media presence, Sara Underwood is active on social media like Instagram and Twitter. Likewise, her Instagram handle is @saraunderwood and has 8.7 million followers on it.

Similarly, she is also active on Twitter her Twitter handle is @SaraUnderwood, and has had 1.4 million followers in it since she joined in April 2010.

Relationship Status

Sara Underwood is straight and in a relationship with Jacob Witzling. She met him when she asked about doing a photoshoot with some of the whimsical cottages he built.

Currently, the duo is in the process of building Cabinland in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. They have created a YouTube channel to document the process of designing Cabinland.

Previously she had a two-year on-off relationship with television presenter Ryan Seacrest. Also, in 2013 she dated The Bachelorette season 6’s, Roberto Martinez.

Sara Underwood - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Height, Facts (2)

Caption: Sara Underwood with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

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Sara Underwood - Bio, Age, Net Worth, Nationality, Height, Facts (2024)
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