Sanna Granholm: Head of Marketing at Yields (2024)

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, Sanna Granholm has carved out a distinctive path defined by her broad global perspective. Having lived in five countries so far, her diverse experiences across multiple roles have equipped her with a unique blend of skills and insights. With her international background and a passion for innovation, she aims to elevate the Yields brand and expand its reach among the right target audience. How has Sanna’s journey shaped her role at Yields, and what exciting developments lie ahead for the company?

Educational Background and Career Beginnings

Sanna earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and further enriched her studies with an exchange to the French private business school IPAG. Upon returning to Finland, after several years of working internationally, she completed her Master’s degree in Media Management at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Sanna describes her international experience, living in other countries, and making connections as the most valuable aspects of her studies and professional career.

“One of the most important things I gained from my education and work was the connections I made. I’ve met some truly inspiring people, and it has been fascinating to watch their careers develop.I’m fortunate to have lived in the era of the internet and social media, allowing me to stay in touch with people from different locations.”

Prior to joining Yields, Sanna’s career spanned various roles in Switzerland, Germany, and Finland. She began her career in performance marketing with a renowned photo company in Switzerland, managing paid search for the Nordic markets. After a few years, she embraced a new challenge by co-founding a marketing agency specializing in digital advertising and SEO. This experience ignited her passion for working with startups and thriving in fast-paced international environments where versatility is key. In recent years, she has focused on helping SaaS startups scale up, bringing her expertise and innovative approach to each venture.

Why Yields?

When asked why she chose to join Yields, Sanna shared her enthusiasm for the company, saying, “Yields caught my attention with its modern website design and impressive client portfolio. Despite being a young company, Yields had already secured big names in the financial services sector.”

She highlighted several key factors that influenced her decision, including Yields’ remote-first policy, which allowed her the flexibility to either move to Belgium or stay in Finland, only visiting the office when necessary. “This flexibility was very important to me,” she emphasized.

Sanna also appreciated the management style of her direct manager, which became evident during the interview process. “He was very direct, transparent, and a man of his word. Joining a team with similar goals and a manager who shares my values was crucial for my success in this company,” she concluded.

Passion for Her Role

For Sanna, her role as the Head of Marketing at Yields is exhilarating. Sanna explained “At Yields, there’s a lot of possibilities and a lot of freedom to navigate the direction of the company with the support of different teams. It’s a nice feeling when everyone is on board.”

When asked about her proudest moment at Yields, Sanna explained that, despite having been with the company for just over a year, significant changes have already been made with the team’s support. These improvements include advancements in paid advertising, website enhancements, SEO, and analytics. A major highlight has been the extensive rebranding effort that dominated the first year. Reflecting on this achievement, Sanna remarked, “Leading the rebranding initiative and earning the trust to implement such extensive changes successfully is something any marketing professional would be proud of.”

Sanna shared, “It has been a busy first year, but it has also been fun and very rewarding. The rebranding is not just my achievement but a collective effort. We did much of the work in-house, which meant I had to relearn many skills. The support across teams and company-wide truly demonstrated how we live up to our values and come together as a team. Seeing the end result and receiving positive feedback from the team, prospects, and clients makes me very happy.”

Inside and Outside the Office

When asked what work-related superpower she would choose, Sanna selected the ability to write high-quality content effortlessly and in seconds, just like ChatGPT. She explained, “Relevant content is crucial, yet producing great content, especially in SaaS, is incredibly challenging. If I could have a work-related superpower, I would love to write like AI—instantly but with even higher quality,” she laughed.

If Sanna could swap roles with anyone at Yields, Sanna would choose to switch with Orlando from the Sales team. Apart from living in one of the most idyllic places in the US, Sanna finds the client interaction aspect of his role particularly appealing. “He has direct touchpoints with clients and prospects and gets to know their perspective early on, which could be interesting,” Sanna explains. Additionally, she thinks it would be fun and insightful to switch roles with him to see how he would handle the challenges of her position. “The dynamic between marketing and sales is always a hot topic, and every time we meet with Orlando, we have a very lively exchange of ideas from both perspectives”.

Her favorite team-building activity involves informal gatherings, especially when visiting Belgium with colleagues from other countries. Staying in the same hotel allows them to spend evenings together, enjoying dinner and discussing both business and personal topics. These trips provide valuable bonding experiences and enjoyable exchanges.

If she could take the entire sales and marketing team on a short getaway, she would choose Finland and immerse everyone in unique Finnish activities such as a sauna boat experience or visiting Lapland to see the Northern Lights. “We often laugh about the differences between my country and Belgium at the office, so we’ve talked about how Finland should definitely be the place for a company retreat.”

Team members at Yields describe Sanna as direct, joyful, considerate, and curious. They value her straightforward approach and the positive energy she brings to the team. Her considerate nature, combined with her curiosity about new ideas, makes her a well-rounded and engaging colleague. She is also described as sporty, often seen walking on her walking mat during meetings, and she has a passion for dancing bachata. Sanna shared, “Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial. For me, bachata is my sweet escape. Dancing for a couple of hours a few times a week allows me to completely disconnect and unwind, and I recommend that to everyone.”

Future aspirations

In discussing the evolution of marketing over the next five years, Sanna highlights the rapid pace of development with new platforms and tools, emphasizing the need for adaptability. She stresses that embracing AI and new technologies are crucial, as those who resist it will fall behind. She explained that “Marketing roles will continually evolve, requiring new skills and tools, and the challenge will be to find ways to use these advancements better than others.”

Sanna’s goals for the marketing team in the coming years focus on driving growth and enhancing brand recognition within the sector. She envisions a future where the Yields brand and its services are widely known among the target audience, with the new butterfly logo becoming a highly recognizable symbol.

As for her legacy at Yields, Sanna hopes to leave a positive and well-documented impact. She wants future team members to look back and see how far the company has come, with a clear record of achievements and improvements. Her main goal is to make the brand memorable, ensuring that when companies are ready, they know Yields and its amazing services.

Sanna Granholm: Head of Marketing at Yields (2024)
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