My Complete Review of Camille Rose Naturals Curly Hair Products - 33rd Square (2024)

As a curly girl always seeking the next amazing hair product, I‘ve tested my fair share of gels, creams, and custards. When I discovered the black-owned brand Camille Rose Naturals, I realized I found something special. Keep reading for my personal review of Camille Rose‘s natural hair care products after extensively testing for months!

All About Camille Rose Naturals

Founded in 2011 by CEO Janelle Stephens, Camille Rose Naturals started as a homemade solution to her family’s hair and skincare issues. Frustrated by the toxic ingredients in most products on the market, Stephens whipped up nourishing blends using pure oils, butters, and botanicals in her Louisiana kitchen.

Word of her effective, indulgent formulas quickly spread, and by 2012 Camille Rose officially launched featuring shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more. The brand has won numerous industry awards since. Today Camille Rose flaunts over 400k Instagram followers and half a million Facebook fans.

My Experience With Camille Rose Naturals

As a longtime curly girl patron, I’ve relied on Camille Rose products for years to enhance definition, block humidity, and deliver endless moisture to my 3B curls. I’m so grateful I discovered this fantastic brand.

The standout qualities making Camille Rose my holy grail curl brand include:

  • Delicious ingredients like coconut milk, honey, cocoa butter, fruit oils – my hair drinks them up!
  • Intoxicating scents thanks to natural vanilla, almond, and cinnamon
  • Frizz + humidity protection to withstand summer storms and heat
  • Touchable softness every single time without greasy residue
  • Perfect curl definition with zero crunch once dry
  • Convenient sizes like the 8 oz Curl Maker jelly for under $25

Trust me, once you experience Camille Rose yourself, you’ll never stray! Next let‘s explore my go-to products.

Camille Rose‘s Best Curl Defining Products

After testing dozens of options over the past few years, these Camille Rose gels give me the most spectacular, long-lasting results on my 3B curls every time.

Curl Maker Curling Jelly

  • Price: $21.99 for 8 oz
  • Key ingredients: Marshmallow root, agave, nettle root extract
  • My review: Absolute holy grail! This jelly helps shape and define each curl clump without stiffness thanks to supple hold ingredients. My hair dries incredibly soft but the coils stay intact for days. A little goes a long way; one jar lasts me four months!

Curl Maker Styling Custard

  • Price: $14.99 for 6 oz
  • Key ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, marshmallow root
  • My review: When I want some extra moisture and less hold, this custard is magic. My coils look so juicy and touchable yet keep their spring all week – no refreshing needed! The custard consistency gives me a flawless cast-free finish.

Honey Curl Forming Custard

  • Price: $15.99 for 8 oz
  • Key ingredients: Honey, olive oil, mango butter, marshmallow root
  • My review: True to its name, this custard made my curls look oh-so-sweet! The pure honey extract kept each coil shiny yet bouncy. Love how lightweight the fluffy texture feels pre-dry. Killer definition that lasts and lasts.

Best Camille Rose Conditioners & Moisturizers

Curls crave mega-hydration. These Camille Rose faves deeply quench my strands so the definition from stylers really pops.

Coconut Water Hydrating Hair Elixir

  • Price: $17.99 for 8 oz
  • Key ingredients: Coconut water, marula oil, baobab oil
  • My review: This quick-absorbing elixir fills my curls with moisture and nutrients for the ultimate smoothness. The slip helps prevent tangles too. My hair looks replenished and has spectacular shine after one use. Smells like a tropical oasis!

Curl Love Moisture Milk

  • Price: $14.99 for 8 oz
  • Key ingredients: Marshmallow root, olive oil, mango butter
  • My review: More nourishing than the average leave-in, this milk preps my curls like no other. The combination of emollients, proteins, and botanicals leaves hair stupid soft and untangled before styling. My clumps get "swole" with hydration!

Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse

  • Price: $14.99 for 8 oz
  • Key ingredients: Raw honey, rice water complex, sweet almond oil
  • My review: My favorite step in my wash day routine – this gentle cleanser has a slight foam but doesn‘t strip my strands. Leaves my curl pattern bouncy and refreshed. I swear my hair gets shinier over time thanks to the amino acids and antioxidants.

Camille Rose vs. Other Natural Hair Brands

How does Camille Rose stack up against other popular natural hair care companies? Here‘s my hot take after trying multiple beloved brands:

Camille Rose vs. Mielle Organics – Mielle has rave reviews but I found their styling creams too heavy for my fine strands. Camille Rose better defines and controls my curls.

Camille Rose vs. As I Am – Both brands rely on nourishing ingredients but Camille Rose takes the flexibility cake. Their gels > As I Am‘s thick, sticky jelly.

Camille Rose vs. Design Essentials – For moisture Camille Rose can‘t be beat! Design Essentials has some great plant oils though their collection lacks styling options.

Camille Rose vs. Carol‘s Daughter – Love them both but Camille Rose smells better and reduces way more frizz and shingling time. Their custards define tighter coils too.

Camille Rose vs. TGIN – Fantastic shampoos across both but Camille Rose treatments tackle dullness and damage better. Plus they have a bigger product range.

Camille Rose vs. Shea Moisture – Two all-stars! Shea Moisture wins on deep treatments while Camille Rose is #1 for long-term hydration and frizz-fighting.

Maintaining Your Curls

Want to get the most from your Camille Rose products? Here are my best tips for maximizing and maintaining your natural curl results:

1. Clarify regularly

Product buildup is the enemy of defined curls. Every other week I use Camille Rose‘s Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse to remove residue so my hair gets the full benefits of each application.

2. Section hair neatly

I divide my hair into four chunks before styling – it helps me fully coat each curl evenly from roots to ends. Apply your Camille Rose custard or gel section-by-section for guaranteed full coverage.

3. Diffuse properly

I use low/medium heat and get close (but not too close!) to each section, hovering to dry for quicker results. Be sure your custard/gel is 80% dry before stopping or humidity can wreck your look.

4. Sleep in a satin cap

Protect those luscious locks overnight! A silky cap prevents friction that can cause frizz and squish your defined coils. Wake up fresh.

5. Mist as needed

When rocking multiple day curls, revive drooping strands with Camille Rose‘s Honey Due Moisture Refresher – it instantly replenishes moisture so I regain bounce and shine fast.

By following these pro curl care tips along with Camille Rose‘s superior formulas, you‘ll have the hair of your dreams!

Camille Rose Customer Reviews

Don‘t just take my word for it! Camille Rose earns rave reviews across the web for delivering hydration and enhancing natural textures.

The Curl Maker jelly has a shining 4.6-star average on Influenster based on over 175 reviews. One buyer gushes "This jelly helped me finally achieve consistent definition…my curls feel so supple and last nearly the whole week looking fab!".

The top-selling Aloe Whipped Butter Gel moisturizer rocks a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon after 500+ customer evaluations. A five-star reviewer writes "This butter is the truth! As a 4C girl I never imagined my curls could get so springy and defined. Total game-changer."

The Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir enjoys a flawless 5 stars from almost 50 testers on the Camille Rose website. A frequent customer says "This elixir leaves my bleached coils incredibly soft without weighing them down whatsoever. I wish I knew about it sooner!".

Clearly the results speak for themselves – give Camille Rose a go and see your best curls come to life!

Where To Purchase Camille Rose Products

Part of what made me fall hard for Camille Rose is accessibility – these gems are far from a niche product. I can grab my staples from multiple major retailers:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Whole Foods
  • Sally Beauty
  • CVS Pharmacy

Of course offers the complete collection with new arrivals too. I get my orders shipped fast, plus they offer AfterPay installment plans!

International shipping is available as well to over 15 regions like UK, France, Germany and South Africa. Prices range from $6-$15 USD at checkout.

Camille Rose Promotions, Sales and Discounts

While Camille Rose doesn‘t offer many direct discounts, signing up for their email newsletter provides special subscriber-only offers monthly.

The Rosette Rewards program also lets you earn points towards serious perks like free products, early access to launches, and VIP giveaways.

I regularly save on bundles like the Curl Originators Kit. Bundles maximize savings compared to buying individually. Look for promotion codes from influencers as well!

Pro tip – Camille Rose also runs holiday sales for Memorial Day, Black Friday/Cyber Week and Christmas. Mark your calendars and stock up!

Final Take: Why Camille Rose Rocks

If it‘s not crystal clear yet, I can‘t get enough of Camille Rose Naturals for caring for my curls. The clean, nourishing formulas cater to my texture so intricately without nasty ingredients. I always feel good treating my hair to these goodies.

Between the spectacular definition, frizz reduction, touchable softness, and moisture for days, Camille Rose helps me pull off flawless coils with minimal effort. They offer total confidence for #TeamNatural!

After years of wasting money on drugstore duds and boutique letdowns, discovering this black-owned brand felt like the holy grail. Now I proudly shout their name from the rooftops. Especially with the affordable price points and accessible shopping locations, every curl queen should have Camille Rose in their arsenal.

Thanks for reading my review! Have you tried Camille Rose Naturals yet? Feel free to drop any questions below on your own hair journeys!

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My Complete Review of Camille Rose Naturals Curly Hair Products - 33rd Square (2024)
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