Millions watch me doing my bizarre job every day - it's gross but rewarding (2024)

A FARMER’S son has become an internet sensation after milking his cattle hoof trimming business.

Graeme Parker, better known as The Hoof GP, is the world’s most popular agricultural influencer, with his videos getting more than 250million views every month.





The internet sensation, from Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway, now sells merchandise all over the world despite working within a 25-mile radius of his rural Scottish home.

The dad-of-three, 41, who works with wife Ashley, said: “I wanted farmers to look at what I was doing and pick up hoof trimming techniques.

“Then I started thinking I could create a regular income and help people understand the dairy industry and farmers in one big YouTube channel.

“I quickly realised the audience wasn’t just farmers. I wanted to subsidise my income and aimed for £40 a day. Now I have the luxury of people working with me.”


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Graeme has surpassed even his wildest expectations. He has travelled the world discussing TV deals and even inspired a rhyming book about a memorable cow named Gracie.

With more than two million YouTube subscribers, his videos typically see him trimming hooves without issue but occasionally a cow or bull is injured or has an infection.

Graeme reckons people are curious to find out what lies beneath the hoof because it’s an unknown for most.

He said: “The best way to look at it is, a cow’s shoe is made out of hoof horn and her foot is in the shoe.

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“So our job to make sure the shoe is not worn down, exactly like when we put insoles in our shoes. If it’s not treated regularly enough, the cow will become lame.

“People love to see the fact that farmers are doing everything they can to look after cows. There’s satisfaction in seeing a cow with a real problem leave feeling miles more comfortable.”

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Graeme grew up on a farm and always thought he’d take over the family business.

But his dad died when he was 15 and he changed course to become a successful manger of many restaurants, pubs and coffee shops.

So he decided to quit the hospitality industry and took over a cattle freeze branding business from his stepfather Davie and later branched out into hoof trimming.

He admits the support he receives from fans has reduced him to tears.

Graeme said: “It’s a massively proud moment when you’re in America or elsewhere in Europe and someone recognises you. I was reluctant to sell T-shirts and merchandise because I didn’t want to do the typical YouTube thing. But the amount of people asking for it was colossal.

“It’s completely restored my faith in humanity. Hundreds of people come and see us. You wouldn’t connect a hoof trimming YouTube channel with someone who is housebound.

“But we had a girl who travelled seven and a half hours and she hadn’t been out of the house for nine months. I’ve been in tears over loads of emails. One woman in Canada sent pictures of her husband who had recently passed away.

“When he was in hospital he watched our videos to take his mind away from his health. They even played our theme tune at his funeral.”

But Graeme recognises there are critics who don’t agree with the dairy industry. Rather than get into arguments, he enjoys the educational side of his job too.

He added: “You need people to understand problems dairy farmers have to draw them in.

“You might get an abscess that is a sterile abscess from a cow jostling for position and we deal with that.

“Without context people think it’s down to dirt and manure. We get people commenting on videos and they are quite angry but the problem is that they don’t understand what they’re seeing.

“Instead of going hard back at them, I empathise. It’s our duty of care to look after these animals and the vast majority of farmers around the world do.”

To make trimming as safe as possible for both himself and the cattle, Graeme uses a state of the art crush — a holding stall for the animals to be given treatment.

He built basic ones himself before finding YouTube fame, which helped him make connections and source the best kit on the planet.

The influencer knows first-hand how important it is to make sure everything is done safely as such big animals can do a lot of damage.

He said: “I’ve been booted, headbutted and hit myself on the grinder. I displaced my nose and fractured my eye socket in three places once.

“I walked round the front of the cow thinking of something else and she headbutted me. I was knocked completely unconscious and got up and still had two cows to go.

“There was blood everywhere and I realised I couldn’t do them. They’re so powerful and they’re scared.”

But another misconception Graeme is keen to dispel is that farmers can’t form a bond with them.
He said: “Some cattle have become repeat clients over the years and he reckons they understand he has their best interests at heart.

Graeme added: “They don’t associate me with fixing their feet, they associate me with going in the crush and being restrained.

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“But after three or four times they start to understand we’re helping them. They will thrash their heads round but if you rub their jaw and behind their ears, they will relax."

Watch Graeme on HoofGP

Millions watch me doing my bizarre job every day - it's gross but rewarding (2024)
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