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This easy banana bread recipe is the BEST way to use ripe bananas! It's moist, delicious, and packed with banana flavor. You're going to love it!

This banana bread recipe is the best way to use overripe bananas. Now that we have a little one in the house, we’ve been buying a LOT more bananas than we used to. Sometimes (ok, often), we don’t get to all of them before they ripen, and I end up with a heap of dark brown, spotty bananas on my counter. Banana bread to the rescue! But not just any banana bread. While some popular recipes call for 2 or 3 bananas, this banana bread recipe calls for 4. I love that it lets me use up lots of ripe…


Quesadillas are a quick, easy, and delicious meal! I fill mine with cheese and veggies, but feel free to customize this recipe with your favorite fillings.

Quesadillas! They’re delicious, satisfying, and—most importantly—EASY. They’re one of my favorite back-pocket meals, something I can whip up using basic ingredients when I need a simple dinner or work-from-home lunch. I’ve made a lot of them over the years, and I’ve learned some handy tips and tricks for making them along the way. I’m sharing them all in this quesadilla recipe! What is a quesadilla? A quesadilla is Mexican dish that consists of a heated, filled, and folded tortilla. Quesadillas originated in central and southern Mexico, and they were first made with corn tortillas and filled with Oaxaca cheese. (The…


This refried bean dip is creamy, cheesy, and easy to make! Serve it warm with tortilla chips for a delicious party appetizer or game day snack.


This bean dip recipe is the ultimate party appetizer! It’s creamy, it’s cheesy, and it’s perfect for scooping up with tortilla chips. Just make sure to hit up the snack table right after it comes out of the oven. This bean dip disappears QUICK! And I haven’t told you the best part yet: this bean dip recipe is easy to make.It calls for refried beans (you can use canned or homemade), so instead of blending the dip in a food processor, you can simply stir it together in a bowl. Spread it in a baking dish, sprinkle it with cheese,…


Learn how to make refried beans! This easy recipe works with dried or canned beans. Creamy and flavorful, it's a delicious, healthy side dish.

vegetarian / side dishes

This homemade refried beans recipe is delicious and easy to make. It calls for just 10 basic ingredients, and it’s creamy, flavorful, and bright. If you’re used to eating canned refried beans, get ready—these homemade ones are SO much better! Refried beans, orfrijoles refritos, are a staple of Mexican and Tex Mex cuisine. Their English name is a bit misleading, because they’re not re-fried at all. Instead, cooked beans are added to a skillet with onion, garlic, and spices and then mashed until thick and creamy. Packed with fiber and protein, they’re a delicious, healthy side dish for tacos, enchiladas,…


The best part of Super Bowl Sunday? The snacks! Below, you'll find easy Super Bowl food ideas to help you make a crowd-pleasing game day spread.

Super Bowl snacks are the best part of any Super Bowl party!Ok, for some people, the football is a highlight too, but I think we can all agree that the snacks are still important. To help you celebrate this year’s big game, I’ve rounded up my best Super Bowl food ideas below. They include everything you need to put together an epic game day spread—finger foods, delicious dips, salty snacks, desserts, and more. These Super Bowl recipes are easy, flavorful, and—most importantly—fun. Whether you’re tuning in for the halftime show, the commercials, or the game itself, they’ll make your Super…


Learn how to make crispy baked sweet potato fries in the oven! Olive oil, salt, and savory spices pack this healthy snack with irresistible flavor.

vegan / gluten free /

These sweet potato fries are about to become your new favorite snack.They’re easy to make in the oven. They’re PACKED with sweet and savory flavor. And they’re crispy too! Paired with a tasty dipping sauce, these baked sweet potato fries are impossible to resist. This sweet potato fries recipe is an updated version of a baked sweet potato fries recipe I shared several years ago. What’s changed? Well, if you’ve ever made sweet potato fries in the oven, you might know that it’s hard to get them crispy. I thought I’d tried every trick in the book—soaking them in cold…


This easy chipotle sauce is one of my favorite condiments! It's a delicious dipping sauce or topping for tacos, veggie burgers, and bowls.

gluten free / vegan-option

This chipotle sauce will punch up any meal! It’s smoky, creamy, tangy, and easy to make with simple ingredients. I started making the recipe to put on the cauliflower tacos in my first cookbook, and now I love it on everything from burrito bowls to breakfast tacos to hearty salads. If you try it, I think you’ll fall for it too! I say this all the time, but I truly believe that the key to a great veggie meal (or any meal, really) is a great sauce. This creamy chipotle sauce is one of the best—it adds SO much flavor…


Ribollita is a Tuscan white bean soup that's thickened with day-old bread. Filled with flavorful vegetables, it's a delicious, comforting meal in a bowl.

Ribollita, a classic Tuscan soup, is the definition of a delicious meal made with simple ingredients. We’re talking really simple—this flavorful Italian soup was originally a way to stretch leftovers. It was made by reheating bean and vegetable soup and adding day-old bread to thicken it. In fact, ribollita means “reboiled.” My ribollita recipe doesn’t start with leftovers. But in the Italian tradition, it does deliver rich flavor with basic ingredients. I begin by sautéing onion, carrot, and celery in a generous glug of olive oil. Then, I add garlic, fresh rosemary, and a splash of white wine. When the…


This air fryer vegetables recipe is a quick and easy way to cook veggies. Crisp, browned, and well seasoned, they're a delicious, healthy side dish!

This air fryer vegetables recipe shows off everything I love about air frying. First, it’s quick and easy. These air fryer veggies cook in half the time it takes to make roasted vegetables in the oven! Second, it’s delicious.The air fryer vegetables are perfectly tender, with crisp, caramelized edges. Bonus: garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice add tons of great flavor. If you have an air fryer (this Instant Omni Plus is my favorite), these air fryer vegetables should definitely be in your rotation. They’re so simple to make, and they’re healthy and flavorful. You…


Need a tasty on-the-go breakfast? Make this egg bites recipe! Inspired by Starbucks, it's healthy, flavorful, and easy to make in a muffin tin.

This egg bites recipe is the best grab-and-go breakfast! The egg bites keep well in the fridge for a couple of days (and longer in the freezer), so they’re great for meal prep. Plus, they’re packed with protein and flavorful veggies for an energizing start to the morning. The recipe is loosely inspired by the famous bacon and Gruyère Starbucks egg bites. They’re known for their velvety texture, which Starbucks says comes from cooking them using the French sous vide technique. I’m not about to get out a sous vide machine to cook breakfast, so I had to find another…


This chana masala recipe is an easy, healthy one-pot meal! Warm spices, fresh ginger, and cilantro add rich flavor to the satisfying chickpea curry.

vegan / gluten free / dinner

This chana masala recipe is about to become the star of your weeknight dinner rotation. It calls for pantry ingredients. It cooks in one pot. And though it comes together in just over 30 minutes, most of the cooking time is hands off, so you can tackle the (minimal) cleanup as it simmers.Best of all, this easy chana masala is healthy, flavorful, and super satisfying. About Chana Masala Chana masala is a chickpea curry. Its name translates literally to spiced chickpeas, “chana” meaning chickpeas and “masala” meaning spice. Variations of the dish, such as Punjabi chole masala, are popular throughout…


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Love and Lemons - Page 3 of 152 - Healthy, whole food, vegan and vegetarian recipes (2024)
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