If you're having trouble with deepwoken leveling here you go | Fandom (2024)

*This is a repost on my original post made 2 months ago. This is simply a recap on that. Here's the original post if that helps you better. (Be sure to read the comments as there's more Q&A that may help as well)


I see a lot of people not able to progress so here you go | FandomTo start, don't worry about masterful weapons,…deepwoken.fandom.com

To start, don't worry about masterful weapons, and shiny mythics. When you start, learn the basics with basic weapons.

Here's all you need to know about weapon training:

  • M1: Left click to swing your sword, hitting in front of you

  • M2: Right click immediately after left clicking to feint, faking out your opponent. You can use this to bait blocks on your opponents to gain an edge.

  • M3/R: Critical hit. Charge up a powerful hit, which varies depending on the weapon you are currently using.

  • F: Block. Press F right before you get hit to parry. Letting go of F in this parry window makes you unable to block for a short amount of time.

  • If you miss a parry, try dodging to get out of the heat of battle (This only works against most mobs and NPCs as players aren't as susceptible to this at a high level of experience.

  • Q: Dodge. Feinting (Right clicking) allows you to cancel a dodge, allowing you to dodge again after a second or so.

You can experiment on this, as well as different weapons and fighting styles by fighting with the vigil instructors you encounter. By setting your origin (Origin in character customization) to isle of vigils, selecting a weapon of choice, and going into the temple of the blade to train with the vigil instructors.

(This means: Sword, vigils, train.)

How you do this is simple:

  1. You can set you origin at the start to either isle of vigils or etris starting out. Set it to vigils first.

  2. Once you exit the inn, go down a path right outside of it. You're gonna see a path down a bridge with a temple-looking structure outside of it. go inside.

  3. Go down until you see the blacksmith and you'll see a room beside him. This is the dojo, where you'll spend a majority of your time. When you walk in, Talk to Das, standing by a wall in the middle-left side of the room when entering. Say you would like to "Test your hand in Combat", and fight the vigil there.

  4. As a guide to fighting him, A good rule of thumb is to: parry as he tries to hit you, consistently practice using feints (M2 for default), and use multiple campfires and flints for training.

  5. Repeat until you can fully beat him without ever getting hit. If you can do it consistently, apply that to your first endeavor to Erisia.

  • As another note, feel free to experiment with other weapons. It's likely whatever weapons you get will differ with other weapon classes, and differ from other weapons of the same class over time. Experiment with this and have fun as you do it.

Remember, this is a permadeath, hard game where the game will move on without you. You will wipe. A LOT. Just try to enjoy the game in spite this circ*mstance. It's ok if you die or wipe. Recreating a build is a part of the game.

If you want to try different build combos, use the linked tabs and pages in the pins section of this post.

I'll also be making a series as to how to defeat every single deepwoken enemy. Updates will be slow as I'm heading into final exams in school.

Here are where you can find descriptions of all the talents most builds advise you to get, and if you want to make builds with certain talent prerequisites:

TalentsDeepwoken Wiki

Here's where you can look at different weapons and their classifications, as well as all the different weapon requirements and abilities, where you can get them, and more.

WeaponsDeepwoken Wiki

Here's a popular build-maker, used by players to plan their builds so they don't mess them up needing to remake them over and over again.


I'll make an advanced levelling guide later. My youtube has the how to defeat series, which will be continued over time.


If you're having trouble with deepwoken leveling here you go | Fandom (2024)
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