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Are you interested in making your degree count when it comes to your salary? Check out our ranking of the highest paying bachelor’s degree.

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  • Students who earn a bachelor’s degree have access to more job opportunities and earn more over their lifetime versus high school graduates.

  • With the rising cost of college tuition, you can get the best return on your investment by pursuing a major with strong earning potential.

  • This ranking of the best paying bachelor’s degrees is dominated by STEM professions and jobs in areas like business and finance.
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A college degree is still one of the most reliable ways to improve your prospects on the job market and raise your salary potential. But which are the highest paying bachelor’s degrees? With the cost of a college degree constantly rising, it’s important to know what kind of pay you can expect based on your college major.

Fortunately, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides extensive data on expected pay rate for a wide range of college degrees and career paths.

It’s also worth noting that professionals with advanced degrees earn even more than their counterparts with a bachelor’s degree. If you’re considering an advanced degree, find out which master’s degrees offer the best return on your investment. Otherwise, read on to learn more about the highest paying bachelor’s degrees...

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Is a Bachelor’s Degree Worth It?

The bachelor’s degree is generally worth it for most subjects and disciplines. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, working professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn a weekly average of $1,172 whereas working professionals with only a high school diploma earned roughly $712 per week.

This applies across all subject areas. The premium may be even higher for those who earn their bachelor’s degree in high growth areas like computer science, business administration, software engineering, and much more. And as the ranking of highest paying bachelor’s degrees below demonstrates, many of the highest paying jobs are held by those with technical skills such as chemical engineers, computer systems analysts, computer network architects, aerospace engineers, and more.

And of course, regardless of the field you pursue, your bachelor’s degree will help you develop critical thinking and analytical skills as well as extensive knowledge in your area of study. These critical 21st Century workplace skills have value in every profession.

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How We Ranked the Highest Paying Bachelor’s degrees

Using the most data from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fortune compiled a list of the highest paying majors today. The result is a ranking of the highest paying bachelor’s degrees that places a heavy emphasis on areas like engineering, computer science, business administration, and information technology.

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The Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

1. Computer Engineering

Computer engineering merges computer science, general engineering, and electrical engineering into a multidisciplinary area of study. Students who earn their bachelor’s degree in computer engineering will study computer systems, software engineering, and the various complex systems that make computing possible.

Students who earn their bachelor’s degree in computer engineering will qualify to work in a wide range of areas with high job growth including electronics engineering, computer hardware architecture, software development, and more.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Computer Engineering: $74,000

2. Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computers, computer hardware, computer programming, computer networks, and more. Students who major in computer science will have the opportunity to work as freelance service providers, technology leaders managing their organization’s computer systems, and even as technology officers for government agencies.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science may qualify graduates to work as information security analysts, information technology specialists, software developers, computer hardware engineers, or as computer programmers.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Computer Science: $70,000

3. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the ideal engineering concentration for students with an interest in the structure, design, and systems underlying aeronautics and aerodynamics. Aerospace engineers study the mechanics and systems enabling flight technology, including mechanical engineering, propulsion systems, and the computer science principles behind guidance systems.

Earning an online bachelor’s degree in this concentration can provide you with both the skills and credentials to work in a wide range of professional industries, including national defense, private military contracting, space exploration, and commercial flight.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering: $70,000

*It’s also worth noting that chemical engineering graduates command a similar salary.

4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is the ideal engineering concentration for students who plan to work in the design, maintenance or analysis of systems and products which are powered through electricity. The bachelor’s in electrical engineering degree will combine fundamental engineering principles with math-intensive courses and technical education in areas like electrical circuitry and power generation.

Upon graduation, students can pursue high-earning careers as electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software engineers in a wide range of fields including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, biomedical engineering, and more.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics places the Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at $70,000

5. Engineering (Miscellaneous)

Engineering is an extremely varied field with innumerable concentrations and subdisciplines. Many of these engineering concentrations offer access to a similar salary range. For instance, industrial engineers earn a median of $69,000, mechanical engineering degree holders earn a median of $68,000, and civil engineering majors earn a median wage of $63,000, according to recent BLS data.

Among other subdisciplines and professions that fall under this miscellaneous umbrella are software engineers, nuclear engineers, marine engineers, petroleum engineers, and more. Other specialized concentrations may include biomedical engineering, astronautical engineering, and geophysical engineering.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in areas like industrial engineering and civil engineering (Miscellaneous): $65,000

6. General Engineering

Students who pursue a general engineering degree will enter the field with tremendous versatility. Whether you plan to work in engineering management, scientific research, or in a specific area like electrical engineering or industrial engineering, starting with a bachelor’s degree in general engineering is a great way to learn basic engineering principles.

General engineering is a good pathway for those who wish to become engineering managers or provide leadership for specialized engineering projects. Merging your study of engineering with a bachelor’s degree in business administration can also be a great way to improve your leadership qualifications.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in General Engineering: $62,000

7. Economics

As an economics major, you’ll study production, consumption, wealth transfer, and the way these activities relate to policy and governance. Your economics degree will also incorporate such core principles of monetary policy, budget planning, and cost analysis.

Economics majors will take core courses in areas like monetary policy, global economics, and capital markets. Economics students will also take courses in areas like business administration, sociology, and psychology. Earning a degree in economics can qualify graduates to work as policy analysts, financial advisors, supply chain managers, and much more.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Economics: $60,000

8. Construction Services

A degree in construction services can provide you with the leadership skills and practical knowledge to oversee projects, teams, and organizations on a wide range of development initiatives. Bachelors in construction services will study topics like architectural principles, building cost analysis, project management, and ethics in construction. Students may also be required to complete an internship component, which can help in the development of career-ready skills and practical training on real-world construction projects.

Upon graduation, individuals can pursue careers as estimators, project managers, construction operations managers, safety managers, sustainability consultants, and more.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Construction Management: $60,000

9. Business Analytics

Business analytics is a highly valued subset of the business administration major. This college degree is particularly valuable for students with an interest in supply chain management, human resources management, management information systems, manufacturing processes, information technology, and more.

Bachelor’s degree graduates with a business analytics major tend to enter into organizational leadership roles such as industrial production manager, financial analyst, or payroll manager.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Business Analytics: $60,000

10. Finance

The finance discipline completes our list of highest paying bachelor’s degrees. Finance combines business administration, economics, actuarial science, and the study of markets. The result is one of the highest paying majors for college graduates.

Students who earn their college degree in finance go on to become financial analysts, business operations managers, trade brokers, personal financial advisors, and more.

Median Annual Wage in 2022 for Bachelors in Finance: $60,000

Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees Ranked for 2024 | Academic Influence (2024)
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