Camille Grammer's Husband May Not Have Been *Totally* Divorced When They Got Engaged (2024)

They got married on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season.

By Korin Miller

Camille Grammer's Husband May Not Have Been *Totally* Divorced When They Got Engaged (1)

  • Camille Grammer returns to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Wednesday night.
  • Last season, she married lawyer David C. Meyer at a destination wedding in Hawaii.
  • David has been involved in some high-profile legal cases and was previously married.

She’s been gone from the show for a while, but Camille Grammer is coming back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight. Get. Excited.

According to her Bravo profile, she’s “back and with a new outlook on life.” In a sneak peek for the episode, Kyle Richards announces that Camille will be coming over, and Dorit Kemsley isn’t exactly thrilled about it.

All of this raises some huge questions about Camille and her love life. ICYMI: She got married last season to lawyer David C. Meyer. But…what’s going on with the semi-newlyweds these days? And who was she with before that, again?

Here’s everything you need to know about David and his relationship with Camille:

Camille and David started dating in 2016.

The couple first got together four years ago, and they didn’t waste any time moving things forward: They got engaged just a year after they started dating. "I love the way he loves me," Camille told People in 2018. "It means so much to me. And I know we will honor our commitment to each other for the rest of our lives."

The lovebirds met in Malibu.

David lives there, btw. “They’re just in love,” a source told People at the time. “There’s a casualness and easiness to their relationship. They’re a really happy, kind couple. He really loves her for her.”

On the work front, David has repped some not-so-innocent clients.

The lawyer once represented Troy Stratos, who was sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison in 2016 for scamming $43 million from his victims, including Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole, per Page Six. David was apparently so close to Stratos that Kenneth Dennis, Stratos' brother-in-law, was asked in court if the two were romantically involved. His answer, per the deposition: “I don’t know.”

David may not have been totally divorced when he got engaged again.

Court papers filed in 2017 claim that David wasn’t divorced from Wendy, his wife of 11 years, at the time of his engagement to Camille, per Page Six. And, in her divorce papers, Wendy alleged that they separated in 2014 after Meyer assaulted her and gave her a concussion.

The couple got married in Hawaii.

Bravo fans will remember that Camille and David exchanged vows at a private beach club in Hawaii in 2018. “This is my next chapter,” she told People at the time. “I’m so excited to start our life together.” Btw, Kyle was a bridesmaid (remember the navy blue dress and flower crown?), and both of Camille’s kids were in the wedding.

They’re currently quarantining together.

Camille recently shared a 4th of July selfie of the couple wearing matching American flag masks with a beachy backdrop. Oh, and Camille officially changed her last name to Meyer, per her Instagram bio.

This is Camille’s second marriage.

Camille was married to actor Kelsey Grammer from 1997 through 2011. They have two kids together—daughter Mason and son Jude. Kelsey and Camille split up after he met his now-wife Kayte Walsh. Kayte later told Oprah Winfrey that she’s “not proud” of the way their relationship started.

Camille Grammer's Husband May Not Have Been *Totally* Divorced When They Got Engaged (6)

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Camille Grammer's Husband May Not Have Been *Totally* Divorced When They Got Engaged (2024)
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