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bulk_extractor Usage Example

Extract files to the output directory (-o bulk-out) after analyzing the image file (xp-laptop-2005-07-04-1430.img):

root@kali:~# bulk_extractor -o bulk-out xp-laptop-2005-07-04-1430.imgbulk_extractor version: 1.3Hostname: kaliInput file: xp-laptop-2005-07-04-1430.imgOutput directory: bulk-outDisk Size: 536715264Threads: 1Phase 1.13:02:46 Offset 0MB (0.00%) Done in n/a at 13:02:4513:03:39 Offset 67MB (12.50%) Done in 0:06:14 at 13:09:5313:04:43 Offset 134MB (25.01%) Done in 0:05:50 at 13:10:3313:04:55 Offset 201MB (37.51%) Done in 0:03:36 at 13:08:3113:06:01 Offset 268MB (50.01%) Done in 0:03:15 at 13:09:1613:06:48 Offset 335MB (62.52%) Done in 0:02:25 at 13:09:1313:07:04 Offset 402MB (75.02%) Done in 0:01:25 at 13:08:2913:07:20 Offset 469MB (87.53%) Done in 0:00:39 at 13:07:59All Data is Read; waiting for threads to finish...Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: (please wait for another 60 min .)Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: 6 sec (please wait for another 59 min 54 sec.)Thread 0: Processing 520093696Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: 12 sec (please wait for another 59 min 48 sec.)Thread 0: Processing 520093696Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: 18 sec (please wait for another 59 min 42 sec.)Thread 0: Processing 520093696Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: 24 sec (please wait for another 59 min 36 sec.)Thread 0: Processing 520093696Time elapsed waiting for 1 thread to finish: 30 sec (please wait for another 59 min 30 sec.)Thread 0: Processing 520093696All Threads Finished!Producer time spent waiting: 335.984 sec.Average consumer time spent waiting: 0.143353 sec.********************************************* bulk_extractor is probably CPU bound. **** Run on a computer with more cores **** to get better performance. *********************************************Phase 2. Shutting down scannersPhase 3. Creating Histograms ccn histogram... ccn_track2 histogram... domain histogram... email histogram... ether histogram... find histogram... ip histogram... tcp histogram... telephone histogram... url histogram... url microsoft-live... url services... url facebook-address... url facebook-id... url searches...Elapsed time: 378.5 sec.Overall performance: 1.418 MBytes/sec.Total email features found: 899


bulk_extractor is a C++ program that scans a disk image, a file,or a directory of files and extracts useful information withoutparsing the file system or file system structures. The results arestored in feature files that can be easily inspected, parsed, orprocessed with automated tools. bulk_extractor also createshistograms of features that it finds, as features that are morecommon tend to be more important.

Installed size: 19.53 MB
How to install: sudo apt install bulk-extractor

  • libc6
  • libewf2
  • libexpat1
  • libgcc-s1
  • libgcrypt20
  • libstdc++6
  • zlib1g

Scans a disk image for regular expressions and other content.

root@kali:~# bulk_extractor -hbulk_extractor version 2.0.0: A high-performance flexible digital forensics program.Usage: bulk_extractor [OPTION...] image_name -A, --offset_add arg Offset added (in bytes) to feature locations (default: 0) -b, --banner_file arg Path of file whose contents are prepended to top of all feature files -C, --context_window arg Size of context window reported in bytes (default: 16) -d, --debug arg enable debugging (default: 1) -D, --debug_help help on debugging -E, --enable_exclusive arg disable all scanners except the one specified. Same as -x all -E scanner. -e, --enable arg enable a scanner (can be repeated) -x, --disable arg disable a scanner (can be repeated) -f, --find arg search for a pattern (can be repeated) -F, --find_file arg read patterns to search from a file (can be repeated) -G, --pagesize arg page size in bytes (default: 16777216) -g, --marginsize arg margin size in bytes (default: 4194304) -j, --threads arg number of threads (default: 8) -J, --no_threads read and process data in the primary thread -M, --max_depth arg max recursion depth (default: 12) --max_bad_alloc_errors arg max bad allocation errors (default: 3) --max_minute_wait arg maximum number of minutes to wait until all data are read (default: 60) --notify_main_thread Display notifications in the main thread after phase1 completes. Useful for running with ThreadSanitizer --notify_async Display notificaitons asynchronously (default) -o, --outdir arg output directory [REQUIRED] -P, --scanner_dir arg directories for scanner shared libraries (can be repeated). Default directories include /usr/local/lib/bulk_extractor, /usr/lib/bulk_extractor and any directories specified in the BE_PATH environment variable. -p, --path arg print the value of <path>[:length][/h][/r] with optional length, hex output, or raw output. -q, --quit no status or performance output -r, --alert_list arg file to read alert list from -R, --recurse treat image file as a directory to recursively explore -S, --set arg set a name=value option (can be repeated) -s, --sampling arg random sampling parameter frac[:passes] -V, --version Display PACKAGE_VERSION (currently) 2.0.0 -w, --stop_list arg file to read stop list from -Y, --scan arg specify <start>[-end] of area on disk to scan -z, --page_start arg specify a starting page number -Z, --zap wipe the output directory (recursively) before starting -0, --no_notify disable real-time notification -1, --version1 version 1.0 notification (console-output) -H, --info_scanners report information about each scanner -h, --help print help screenGlobal config options: -S notify_rate=1 seconds between notificaiton update (notify_rate) -S debug_histogram_malloc_fail_frequency=0 Set >0 to make histogram maker fail with memory allocations (debug_histogram_malloc_fail_frequency) -S hash_alg=sha1 Specifies hash algorithm to be used for all hash calculations (hash_alg) -S report_read_errors=1 Report read errors (report_read_errors)These scanners enabled; disable with -x: -x accts - disable scanner accts -S ssn_mode=0 0=Normal; 1=No `SSN' required; 2=No dashes required -S min_phone_digits=7 Min. digits required in a phone -x aes - disable scanner aes -S scan_aes_128=1 Scan for 128-bit AES keys; 0=No, 1=Yes -S scan_aes_192=0 Scan for 192-bit AES keys; 0=No, 1=Yes -S scan_aes_256=1 Scan for 256-bit AES keys; 0=No, 1=Yes -x base64 - disable scanner base64 -x elf - disable scanner elf -x email - disable scanner email -x evtx - disable scanner evtx -x exif - disable scanner exif -S exif_debug=0 debug exif decoder -x facebook - disable scanner facebook -x find - disable scanner find -x gps - disable scanner gps -x gzip - disable scanner gzip -S gzip_max_uncompr_size=268435456 maximum size for decompressing GZIP objects -x httplogs - disable scanner httplogs -x json - disable scanner json -x kml_carved - disable scanner kml_carved -x msxml - disable scanner msxml -x net - disable scanner net -S carve_net_memory=0 Carve network memory structures -S min_carve_packet_bytes=40 Smallest network packet to carve -x ntfsindx - disable scanner ntfsindx -x ntfslogfile - disable scanner ntfslogfile -x ntfsmft - disable scanner ntfsmft -x ntfsusn - disable scanner ntfsusn -x pdf - disable scanner pdf -S pdf_dump_hex=0 Dump the contents of PDF buffers as hex -S pdf_dump_text=0 Dump the contents of PDF buffers showing extracted text -x rar - disable scanner rar -S rar_find_components=1 Search for RAR components -S rar_find_volumes=1 Search for RAR volumes -x sqlite - disable scanner sqlite -x utmp - disable scanner utmp -x vcard_carved - disable scanner vcard_carved -x windirs - disable scanner windirs -S opt_weird_file_size=157286400 Threshold for FAT32 scanner -S opt_weird_file_size2=536870912 Threshold for FAT32 scanner -S opt_weird_cluster_count=67108864 Threshold for FAT32 scanner -S opt_weird_cluster_count2=268435456 Threshold for FAT32 scanner -S opt_max_bits_in_attrib=3 Ignore FAT32 entries with more attributes set than this -S opt_max_weird_count=2 Number of 'weird' counts to ignore a FAT32 entry -S opt_last_year=2028 Ignore FAT32 entries with a later year than this -x winlnk - disable scanner winlnk -x winpe - disable scanner winpe -x winprefetch - disable scanner winprefetch -x zip - disable scanner zip -S zip_min_uncompr_size=6 Minimum size of a ZIP uncompressed object -S zip_max_uncompr_size=268435456 Maximum size of a ZIP uncompressed object -S zip_name_len_max=1024 Maximum name of a ZIP component filenameThese scanners disabled; enable with -e: -e base16 - enable scanner base16 -e hiberfile - enable scanner hiberfile -e outlook - enable scanner outlook -e wordlist - enable scanner wordlist -S word_min=6 Minimum word size -S word_max=16 Maximum word size -S max_output_file_size=100000000 Maximum size of the words output file -S strings=0 Scan for strings instead of words -e xor - enable scanner xor -S xor_mask=255 XOR mask value, in decimal
root@kali:~# test_be -hCatch v2.13.6usage: test_be [<test name|pattern|tags> ... ] optionswhere options are: -?, -h, --help display usage information -l, --list-tests list all/matching test cases -t, --list-tags list all/matching tags -s, --success include successful tests in output -b, --break break into debugger on failure -e, --nothrow skip exception tests -i, --invisibles show invisibles (tabs, newlines) -o, --out <filename> output filename -r, --reporter <name> reporter to use (defaults to console) -n, --name <name> suite name -a, --abort abort at first failure -x, --abortx <no. failures> abort after x failures -w, --warn <warning name> enable warnings -d, --durations <yes|no> show test durations -D, --min-duration <seconds> show test durations for tests taking at least the given number of seconds -f, --input-file <filename> load test names to run from a file -#, --filenames-as-tags adds a tag for the filename -c, --section <section name> specify section to run -v, --verbosity <quiet|normal|high> set output verbosity --list-test-names-only list all/matching test cases names only --list-reporters list all reporters --order <decl|lex|rand> test case order (defaults to decl) --rng-seed <'time'|number> set a specific seed for random numbers --use-colour <yes|no> should output be colourised --libidentify report name and version according to libidentify standard --wait-for-keypress <never|start|exit waits for a keypress before |both> exiting --benchmark-samples <samples> number of samples to collect (default: 100) --benchmark-resamples <resamples> number of resamples for the bootstrap (default: 100000) --benchmark-confidence-interval confidence interval for the <confidence interval> bootstrap (between 0 and 1, default: 0.95) --benchmark-no-analysis perform only measurements; do not perform any analysis --benchmark-warmup-time amount of time in milliseconds <benchmarkWarmupTime> spent on warming up each test (default: 100)For more detailed usage please see the project docs

Updated on: 2023-May-16


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