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In the process of shooting videos, we often encounter situations where the background of the video does not match the subject. This requires us to remove the background from the video and add a virtual background. Use the video background remover to quickly change the video background. Which greatly saves time and money.

This article will mainly introduce 12 video background removers. Whether you are a content creator or a professional video editor, using them, you can easily and quickly change the video background.

Table of Content

  1. Unscreen
  2. Cutout.pro
  3. Kapwing
  4. VSDC
  5. Camtasia
  6. Final Cut Pro
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro
  8. Chromavid
  9. Filmora Video Editor
  11. Video Background Remover
  12. Video Background Changer


Unscreen is a 100% fully automatic, free online tool to remove video backgrounds. Upload the file to remove the background, leaving only the main part of the screen. Users can choose to make the background transparent and add other videos, pictures, or a single color as the new video background.

In addition to supporting mp4, WebM, and Ogg video formats, Unscreen can also remove animated gif files. Whether it is a video or a dynamic image, the difficulty of removing the back is more complicated than that of a static image. The feature of this video back remover is that you can directly remove the background by uploading the file.


  • There is a large selection of high-quality GIFs and dynamic backgrounds.
  • Support Mp4, Webm, Ogg video, and Gif dynamic image formats.
  • No maximum file size or resolution limits.
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Cutout Pro is an easy-to-use professional cutout software. You can easily cut out the objects you need from the video background and add new backgrounds. And no green screen needed. After uploading your video, this free video background remover automatically cut out the image.

Ordinary videos can be directly removed from the background online. After completion, small-size videos with transparent backgrounds can be downloaded for free (high-definition fees are required).


  • Automatic contour detection: chroma key blue screen cutout (for the film industry).
  • Instructional video with detailed explanatory instructions.
  • Hierarchical montage technique.
  • Whether it is people, products, animals, food, cars, etc., the background can be deducted very accurately.
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Kapwing is a free video background remover online that can help you easily strip the main body of the video from the background. It provides easy-to-use online video editing collaboration tools, such as cropping videos, adding text/titles, adding transitions, and more.

In addition, it has rich AI smart tools to help users easily create, edit and develop video content on each platform. Kapwing supports removing the background of green-screen and blue-screen videos. No need for any complicated tutorials. Click "Green Screen Video Editor" from the page to enter the green screen tool.


  • Support for green screen and blue screen video.
  • In addition to selecting the color values you want to remove, you can also use the Threshold sliders to fine-tune the filter's hue, saturation, and brightness.
  • Built-in chroma key tool.
  • Offers video templates designed for social media platforms like Linkedin and Instagram.
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VSDC is a free video editor for Windows. "Chroma key masking" is one of its most wonderful features that can help you remove video backgrounds easily. VSDC has a built-in chroma key that can automatically detect a solid color background and immediately remove it from the video.

All you need is a Windows computer, a camera, a green screen, and a steady light source. And you can easily do background replacement with VSDC's free editing software!


  • Adjustable threshold.
  • Subpixel support.
  • Export videos directly to social media.
  • Windows users can get it for free.
  • Tailored for beginners.
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Camtasia is an easy-to-use screen recording software for Windows and Mac systems. In addition to screen recording, this software also has some video editing functions for us to simply process the video after recording the screen.

Foremost among them, it can remove the background from the video. Just import the same greenback footage into Camtasia and click on "Visual Effects >> Remove Color" in the left column. In the property bar on the right, select the green color to be keyed out.


  • Hotkey support for improved efficiency.
  • Three-in-one canvas, timeline, and edit bar.
  • A variety of video effects are rich.
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Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is Apple-designed video background removal software, so it works perfectly with Mac computers. It has built-in green screen tools to create movies that rival TV broadcasts. In addition, Final Cut Pro also provides a wide range of video editing tools, giving users considerable creative space. If you want to use Apple's own software, it's definitely the first choice on the Mac.


  • Easy to use.
  • Offers a variety of virtual backgrounds.
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Adobe Premiere Pro

If you need the best video background remover, Adobe Premiere Pro is definitely an option not to be overlooked. It has a frame-by-frame occlusion function that can be used to remove the background. But this may also cause some movie details to be occluded. Also, the process is very tedious and more suitable for professional editors.


  • Removes the background well.
  • No watermark.
  • No limit on video size.
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Chromavid is one of the easiest green screen tools. It supports chroma keying for instant video and photo effects, just like journalists do on TV shows or movies. In addition to the green screen, Chromavid also accepts 3 other background colors, blue screen, red screen, and yellow screen.

Ways to remove video background, including Normal Chormavid, Reverse Chromavid, and Merge Chromavid. Foreground removal, removal of the main character color, or merging can be performed.


  • The operation is simple and there are many young users.
  • Unlimited recording time.
  • Turn off Chromavid watermarks.
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Filmora Video Editor

Filmora is Wondershare's video background removal software. The green screen effect of this software is an advanced function of stacking tracks. It can make the color of the green screen film on the top layer transparent, and then let the film (or picture) of the lower layer emerge. Creators can superimpose the protagonist on a variety of different backgrounds to achieve virtual scenery.


  • Offers a wide range of video effects and themes.
  • Quickly delete and change videos with a solid background color.
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Erase & Change Video Background

Erase & Change Video Background is a video background removal app that supports the iOS system. With this software, you can remove video backgrounds, and also support mixing videos or pictures to create stunning videos. After editing the video, you can directly use the software to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, mail, and other apps.


  • Complete video background replacement on mobile.
  • Support adding background music to videos.
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Video Background Remover

Video Background Remover is a video background removal mobile app for Android. This app mainly provides users with four major functions, including removing background from photos on the phone, removing video backgrounds (real camera shots or videos in the phone), quick green screen removal, and transparent background replacement. However, because it is a free tool, there are a lot of ads.


  • Share directly to Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • Support MP4, MOV, TS, AVI, MKV, WebM, MPG, and other formats
  • Free for beginners and creators.
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Video Background Changer

Video Background Changer is a video background remover app for Android. Users can use the software to convert photos into real-time videos with natural backgrounds. You can change the background of the movie to your favorite city, sea, beach, and more. After editing the video background, you can share the video in the app to social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


  • Supports a large number of file formats, such as AVI, MP3, etc.
  • Support adding stickers and text.
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Summing Up

These are the 12 best video background removers we recommend. What are you waiting for? Choose one of them and replace your video background immediately to make a stunning blockbuster.

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